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27 Apr 2015

Jacobus Vos and Johanna de Roy, a double brick wall

One of my ancestors, Pieternella Vos, was baptized on December 20, 1778, in Capelle, Brabant, The Netherlands. She was the only known daughter of Jacobus Vos and Johanna de Roy. This couple had married earlier that year on May 17, 1778, in Capelle. Jacobus Vos was a young man, born in Capelle. Johanna de Roy was a young girl, born in Loon op Zand, Brabant, The Netherlands.

Pieternella Vos was married on February 9, 1800, in Capelle to Pieter Branderhorst (1777-1852). They paid ƒ12,- for their marriage, so they certainly weren’t poor folks. The marriage produced 9 children: Cornelis, Johanna (2x), Maria, Jacoba (2x), Willem, Jacobus and Pieternella. Three of these nine children were married and had children of their own.

Pieternella Vos died on March 18, 1847, in Capelle. Again, her parents are mentioned as being Jacobus Vos and Johanna de Rooij.

These are all references to my ancestors Jacobus Vos and Johanna de Roy/Rooij. Together they are a double brick wall.

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  1. Johanna de Rooij's most likely parents are Cornelis Adriaense de Rooij (1710-<1787) and his 1st wife theuntje Boer (1720-61), but her husband, Jacobus Vos, is still a brick wall.


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