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11 Jul 2015

Surname Saturday - Aaldijk

On my father's side of the family I am a descendant of 2 sisters: Maria (1821-98) and Adriana (1832-74) Aaldijk. Like many other family names, the surname Aaldijk is derived from a geographical name. The Aaldijk is a dike in Holland near Hekelingen along the Spui River between the Oude Maas River and the Haringvliet River.

I do not know if my Aaldijk ancestors where named after that particular dike. They descend from an Arijen Dirckse who was baptised on 21-5-1623 in Streefkerk, Holland. Arijen's father, Dirrick Andriessen, supposedly originated in Polsbroek, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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