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8 Nov 2015

Hendrik Strik was a miller in Reijerscop

On November 8, 1750, in Breukelen, The Netherlands, Hendrik Strik, young man, born in Tecklenburg, Germany, and then living in Kamerik, The Netherlands, announced his intention to marry Catharina ("Caatje") Dildeij, widow of Jan Houweling, and living in Breukelen, The Netherlands. Hendrik Strik was assisted by his mother, Catharina Hooge, widow of Hendrik Strik, and still living in Tecklenburg. Hendrik and Caatje were married in Kamerik in November 1750. On October 20, 1750, Catharina Dild[e]ij, widow of Jan Foppen Hou[we]ling, had received permission to move from Harmelen to Linschoten.


Catharina Dildeij originated from Linschoten. On December 4, 1728, she had married Jan Foppe Houweling, born in Kamerik, living in Breukelen. Their children were Dievertje, Fop, Elisabeth, Grietje and Hendrik. Jan Foppe Houweling was buried on December 18, 1747, in Breukelen.
In June 1760 Hendrik Strik is mentioned as a miller in Reijerscop, Utrecht. On March 24, 1761, Caatje Dild[e]ij is mentioned as having died, as had her brother-in-law, Willem Houweling. Her son Fop was then living in Amsterdam. Her daughters Elisabeth and Grietje were both married. Her son Hendrik was still a minor.

Sources: Provincie Utrecht CD-Rom & Hogenda & RHC Rijnstreek en Lopikerwaard.

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