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5 Feb 2018

This Verhagen family travelled from Dirksland to Argentina

Elisabeth van der Sluis travelled with the steamship "Zaandam" from Rotterdam to Argentina, arriving there on 10 May 1889. Elisabeth took her surviving children with her: Cornelis Marinus (13), Marinus Cornelis (12), Neeltje (8) en Maria Hendrika (3). Elisabeth's husband, Hendrik Verhagen, must have travelled earlier. 
Steamship "Zaandam"
The steamship "Zaandam" had been build in 1882 in Rotterdam with a tons deadweight of 3.063, one 2-cylinder compound steam engine and a service speed of 11 knots. It could carry 50 first class passengers, 424 third class passengers and 51 crew members.

Hendrik Verhagen was born on 24 August 1848 in Dirksland, Holland, as the second son of Cornelis Verhage (1813-1887) and Neeltje Bakker (1824-1919). Hendrik was married at age 24 on 20 February 1873, in Dirksland to Elisabeth van der Sluis, aged 27. Elisabeth was born in Bergen op Zoom, Brabant, The Netherlands. Her parents are Marinus van der Sluis and Maria Leemhorst.

Children of Hendrik & Elisabeth: 
  1. Cornelis Verhagen was born on 23-4-1873 in Dirksland, and died there on 9-3-1875, aged 1 year.
  2. Marinus Verhagen was born on 21-2-1875 in Dirksland, and died there on 6-3-1875, aged 13 days. 
  3. Cornelis Marinus Verhagen was born on 27-2-1876 in Dirksland
  4. Marinus Cornelis Verhagen was born on 6-12-1877 in Dirksland
  5. Neeltje Verhagen was born on 8-6-1880 in Dirksland, and died there on 25-1-1881, aged 7 months.
  6. Neeltje Verhagen was born on 27-12-1881 in Dirksland
  7. Maria Hendrika Verhagen was born on 19-5-1886 in Dirksland
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  1. I love it when I can find the actual arrival of my ancestors to the USA. Great research!


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