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26 Dec 2013

Interesting Blog Posts of 2013

Happy New Year to my readers! I've already prepared new posts for January, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here is a list of links to interesting blog posts of this year. At the top mostly my own blog posts, some are my own favorites, others are the most popular posts of 2013. Other people's blog posts I like are prefixed with the blog name. Enjoy!

Genealogy Tips

Black Sheep & Other Madness


  1. Thank you, Joan, for the recognition! Happy New Year!

    Amanda of ABT UNK (About Unknown)

  2. Thanks, Joan, from "Pages from the Ancestry Binders." Like you, I love the black sheep stories! Susan

  3. Thanks for the mention Joan - just seen it!!!

    Mike Dawson - "You Don't Choose Your Family"


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