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15 Nov 2016

Tuesday's Tip - Check The Women's Ages

The genealogical software I use, Aldfaer, can produce a report showing the women in my genealogical file who gave birth to a child above the age of 44. With approximately 4150 ancestors in my file, it produced a list of 99 women.

What caused those - likely erroneous - ages?
  • Often the cause was that the woman's baptism was missing in the records, leading to a bad guess for the birth year, that could simply be improved to a more likely birth year.
  • A few times I had made typos - causing the birth year 10 years earlier than it actually was.
  • In another case I had to remove the parents: not only was the birth too early, but the children's names didn't match the grandparent's names either, nor was the source a reliable one.

25 Oct 2016

Elisha Philippo Eʄqr. and his brother Onias in 17th century Norwich - Tombstone Tuesday

Monumental inscription in St. Augustine's Churchyard in Norwich:
  • Here Resteth ye Body of Elisha Philippo Eʄqr. and Isabel his Wife; Some times Citizen of Norwich, liueing in this Parrish of S. Sauiours; and in ye yeare 1675 he was made Highe Sherriffe for the County of Norff.; he Departed this life Auguʄt ye 19, and Isabel his Wife ye 7 of October, in ye yeare of our Lord 1678.
  • Here also Lyeth the body of Onias Philippo Gent: Brother to the aboue named Elisha Philippo Eʄqr. deceased, who departed this Life the 25th of Octob., Anno Domini 1693, aged 67 years.

1 Sep 2016

Adriaen Hoijer, Minister of Brill

"Adriaen Hoijer, son of Willem Gilliszoon Hoijer, Secretary of the town Brill, and Elizabeth van Hoogwerff, born there 26 July, 1656. Student of Theology at Leyden University, April 21, 1677. Appointed Minister of the Colchester Church about March 23, 1678-9. He was Minister of Brill 7 Dec., 1679; of Zwartewaal, 1680; of Maarsluis, 1685, and married Maria Burcken."

Willem Hoijer and Elisabeth van Hooghwerf had a son Anthonij baptised on 13-4-1670 in Brielle, Holland. Widnesses were Joris van Hooghwerf and Joosje van Hooghwerf. Willem Hoijer and Lijsbet van Hoogwerf had a another son named Willem baptised on 22-11-1673 in Den Briel aka Brielle. Willem Hoijer and Lijsbet Gerrits had a son Pieter baptised in Brielle on 9-10-1661. Withnesses were Gillis Pieters Hoijer and Helena Gerrits. They had a daughter Maria baptised in Brielle on 15-11-1658. The couple had a daughter Helena baptised on 13-5-1668 in Brielle. Widnesses were Joris van Hoogwerff and Maria Booms.

Den Briel, Holland

Gillis Pietersz. Hoijer sold a house at the Warmoesmart on the corner of the Plaats Welle in Den Briel to Willem Hoeijer on 22 Nov., 1657, in Brielle. Gillis Hoijer may have been the father of Willem Hoijer and the grandfather of minister Adriaen Hoijer.

Arijen Gillisz. Hoijer, aged son of Gillis Pijetersz. Hoijer, having had permission from his father on 23-4-1646 in Den Briel, sold on 25-5-1646 an house, yard and shet in 's-Gravenzande, Holland, to Arijen Arentsz, Decker who was already living in 's-Gravenzande. This Arijen Hoijer may have been an uncle of minister Adriaen Hoijer.

Maria Burken, sister of James Burken, and her husband Adrianus Hoijer, minister, living in Maassluis, brother of Gerard Hoijer, sheriff of Zwartewaal, are mentioned on 26-7-1689 in Maassluis. 

Sources: Register of baptisms in the Dutch Church at Colchester from 1645 to 1728; CBG transcription of DTB Brielle 1671-1695.

23 Aug 2016

Tombstone Tuesday - James De Hague (77) in Norwich & his family

Monumental inscription in St. Augustine's Churchyard in Norwich:

Here Lyeth the Body of John De Hague, the Son of Mr. Elisha De Hague, who Departed this life the 19th Day of February, 1723, in the 10th year of his Age.
And on the South Side of this Stone lieth Elizabeth De Hague, Who departed this Life the 28th day of February, 1750, Aged 65.

To the Memory of James De Hague of this Parish, Who departed this Life November 18th, 1750, Aged 77 Years.
Also Sarah his Wife, Who departed this Life November 26th, 1752, Aged 75 years.
Also James De Hague, who died April 8th, 1795, Aged 82 Years.
Also Mary his Wife, who died May 2nd, 1795, Aged 70 Years.

To the Memory of Elisha De Hague, who for twenty successive Years was Speaker of the Common Council of this City and for eighteen Years held the Office of Town Clerk. He died 11 July, 1792, Aged 74.
And of Mary, his Wife, the Daughter of Mr. Nich. Ganning, who died 26 May, 1765, Aged 32.
Also of five of their Children who died unmarried.
Erected 1794.

12 Aug 2016

F.J.N. Brouwer (1827-1900), Minister in Cillaarshoek & Soerabaja

Florus Jacob Nicolaas Brouwer was born on August 13, 1827, in Waardenburg, Gelderland, The Netherlands. He was a son of minister Jacobus Henricus Brouwer and Maria Antoinetta Berkman. In 1852 he became a minister. On August 26, 1853, in Maasbree, Limburg, The Netherlands, he married Victoria Carolina Rosalia Kraal. She was born on May 19, 1929, in Nieuport in Belgium. Her father, Willem Kraal, had been a captain. Her mother was Adelaida Innocentia Pelhoen. 

In 1853 Florus was appointed as minister in Cillaarshoek, Holland. There his wife gave birth to 2 sons: Willem Rudolf on July 17, 1854, and Arnoldus on March 21, 1856. Soon afterwards the couple travelled to Indonesia. In 1857 Florus was appointed as minister in Probolingo. There, his wife gave birth to a daughter named Adele, who died on December 5, 1887, in Nieuwer-Amstel, aged 27. The couple had an additional son which they named Cornelis (†1939).

In 1870 Floris Jacob Nicolaas Brouwer moved to Soerabaja, Indonesia, He finally returned to Europe in 1888. Floris died on March 2, 1900, aged 72, in Beek, Limburg, The Netherlands. 

Bron: Troostenburg de Bruijn, C.A.L.: Biographisch woordenboek van Oost-Indische predikanten , 1893,