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14 Oct 2017

Surname Saturday - Hofman - Brick Wall

My ancestor Jan Corstiaansz. Hofman originated in Wachtendonk, Germany. He has an occupational surname: the Germany word “Hofmann” can be translated as “courtier”. Jan was married on May 28, 1679, in Puttershoek, Holland. His bride was Mariken Jans Biesbroek. She was baptized on December 23, 1657, in Puttershoek as a younger daughter of Jan Pieters Biesbroek (1620-1704), who originated in Waregem, Belgium. Her mother was Jan's second wife Lijsbeth Leenders de Raedt. Witnesses at Jan's wedding were Jan Pieters (likely Marike's father) and Jan Heijndricks (possibly Marike's brother-in-law). 
Jan Corneliaanz. Hofman and Marike Jans Biesbroek were the parents of Corstiaan, Jan, Marijntje and Leendert.  
Wachtendonck and its surroundings in Germany

11 Oct 2017

Cornelis Barentsz Slecht, widower of Tryntie Bos (†1674)

A Barent Cornelisz Slecht is mentioned in Woerden, The Netherlands, during the period 1649-1652. Cornelis Barents Slechts, likely his son, is mentioned on 22 Sept. 1645 as being a brick and roof-tile maker in Woerden, a city famous for its brick and roof-tile makers. By the end of 1651 Cornelis Barentsz Slecht was mentioned as a brandy distiller. Just 3 months later he is mentioned in Woerden as a trader of pigs. 
On 17 March 1653 Cornelis Barentsz Slecht is mentioned as being married. As registrations of later dates reveal, his wife was Tryntie Bos (†1674), a daughter of one of my female-line ancestors, Thijs Jansz Bosch of Bodegraven, Holland. They had at least 2 sons: Matthys & Hendrick, and a daughter Jakomyntie Slecht.

A view at Bodegraven around 1749
Cornelis Barent Slecht is mentioned in Kingston, Ulster County, New York, on 21 July 1674. There, on 27 Jan. 1684, Matthys Slegt & Maria Crepel baptised a daughter named Tryntie. This baptism was widnessed by Antoni Crepel & Tryntie Bos.
The first publication of the Banns of Cornelis' remarriage were on 26 Sept. 1684 by parson Johannes Weecksteen, of Kingston: CORNELIS BARENTZ SLEGT, widower of Tryntie Bos, of Woerden in Holland, and ELSIE JANS, widow of Hendric Jochemz, of Breestee, both resid. in Kingstouw[n]. 

HENDRICK CORNELISSEN SLECHT, wheel-wright, young man of Woerden in Hollant, and ELSJEN BARENS, young girl of Amsterdam, both residing in Wiltwyck, now Kingston. First publication of their marriage Banns was on 25 July; the third on 8 Aug. 1666 in Kingston. Hendrick Slecht & Elsje Slecht widnessed the baptism of Roelof, son of Jan Elthingh & Jakomyntie Slecht, on 27 Oct. 1678 in Kingston.

Sources: Baptismal and marriage registers of the old Dutch church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York, Hogenda Transcriptions of Marriage & Birth records

22 Sep 2017

Cornelis Kleinendorst (1822-1906) in the USA

Strijen, church
Cornelis Kleinendorst was born in Strijen, Holland, on October 19, 1822, as a younger son of Teunis Kleinendorst (±1782-1840) and his wife Jannigje Dorst (1781-1858).  Cornelis' eldest surviving brother Jacob died on April 10, 1836, aged just 25. His other surviving brother, Willem, died on February 13, 1843, leaving Cornelis as his parents only son. 

In Strijen Cornelis Kleinendorst was married to Aartje Weijerse on October 5, 1849. She was born on April 9, 1824, in nearby Maasdam. In 1837 Aartje's mother had died. Her father, Herman Weijerse / Weyers, and his 2nd wife, Maria Vermaas (1811-1863), boarded the ship "Ocean Home" in Rotterdam, arriving in the United States on May 2, 1856. They were accompanied by his children Souverin (26), Jannetje (19), Herman jr. (7), Maarten (4) and Leendert (3). They settled in Marion County, Iowa, USA.
By early 1856 Cornelis Kleinendorst had decided to follow his in-laws to the USA, and offered his house and barn in the Sint Anthoniepolder for sale in a newspaper advertisement.

14 Sep 2017

Johannis and Cornelis van den Abeele and Delft pottery

Blue and white pottery, also known as “Delft Blue”,  had been made in and around Delft, Holland, from the 16th century onwards. Delftware became popular and was widely exported in Europe. It even reached China and Japan. The most highly-regarded period of production was about 1640-1740. Besides plates and vases, Delft potters also made tiles in vast numbers. 

The brothers Johannes and Cornelis van den Abeele were ceramists, creating pottery in Delft, Holland. They were sons of Corstiaan Jansz van Abeelen and his wife Trijntje Pouwels. In 1692 they were living within the city of Delft in a street named “Achterom”. 

The banns for the marriage of Johannis van den Abeele & Annetge Hendrix Dorree on July 21, 1692, in Delft
The Old Church in Delft
Johannes van den Abeele was baptized on February 3, 1664, in Delft. He had elder brothers Winant and Pouwels and an elder sister named Geertruijt. On September 6, 1692, Johannes was married to Anna Hendrix Dorrée. Anna was baptized on December 21, 1670, in Delft as daughter of Hendrick Stoffelsen Dorrée and Tryntien van de Winckel. In the period 1693-98 Anna gave birth to 4 daughters named Trintie, Geertruij, Jacoba and Elsie.

Cornelis van den Abeele’s intention to marry was published on December 12,1693. His intended bride Maria Jans Vree, who was living just outside the city walls of Delft in an area named Vrijenban. She was a daughter of Jan Vree (†1680)  and Lijsbeth Oosthoeck (†1726). In the period 1694-1716 Maria Jans Vree gave birth to 9 children named Korsteijaen, Jan, Wijnant, Paulus, Elijsabeth, Trintie, Marija, Adriaan and Lijsbet. Two of these children were buried near the New Church of Delft in July 1712 and November 1716.  
Cornelis van den Abeele, a brother of Johannis, married Maria Jansz Vree on December 27, 1693, in Delft
Maria Vree, wife of Cornelis van den Abeelen, living in the Gasthuijslaan, was buried on May 31, 1728, near the Old Church in Delft. At the time one child and a grandchild were still alive. Cornelis van den Abeelen was buried near the Old Chruch Delft on Feburary 5, 1731.

Sources: Collectie-Delft.nlHistoire de la faïence de Delft.

6 Sep 2017

Jielis Hendrik Vervoorn returned from Argentina

SS Leerdam I
On October 8, 1889, Jielis Hendrik Vervoorn (40), his wife Klasina Mulder (35) and their children Margaretha (10), Hendrik (8), Anneke (6), Arie (4) and Jacobus (1) arrived in Argentina. They had travelled with the steamship “Leerdam” with a deadweight of 2,796 gross tons, a 2 cylinder steam engine and 2 masts, square rigged. It could travel with a speed of 6 knots.
At the time the Vervoorn family arrived in Argentina, a worldwide economic recession had had devastating effects on the Argentine economy. Many of the Dutch emigrants couldn’t get a proper job, and thus weren’t able to feed their families. People with debts were even whipped into forced labor. From august 1891 onwards Dutch Newspapers reported about those problems.
The Vervoorn family had returned to Rotterdam when their youngest daughter Jacoba was born on 30-8-1892.
Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad, 7-12-1915

Jielis Hendrik Vervoorn was born on 30-9-1849 in Brakel, Gelderland. His parents are Hendrik Huibert Vervoorn (1819-1870) and his first wife, Anneke van der Balen (1816-1854). Jielis was married, aged 26, on 23-8-1876 in Rotterdam to Clasina Mulder, aged 21. Clasina was born in Amsterdam, but her parents Arke Luitjes Mulder (†1869) and Margaretha Friema also reported the births of childeren in Idaarderadeel, Friesland, and Rotterdam. Clasina Mulder died on 4-12-1915 in Rotterdam at the age of 61. Jielis Hendrik Vervoorn had died on 15-9-1913 in Rotterdam.

Children of Jielis and Clasina:
  1. Anneke Vervoorn was born on 29-6-1877 in Schiedam, Holland. Anneke died on 9-8-1877 in Rotterdam.
  2. Margaretha Vervoorn was born on 9-3-1879 in Rotterdam. Margaretha married (1) on 22-7-1903 in Rotterdam Heiltje van der Meer, 25 years old, born in Harlingen, son of Rein van der Meer and Petronella Benning. Margaretha married (2) on 12-8-1908 in Rotterdam Jacobus van Veenendaal, 26 years old, born in Rotterdam, son of Willem van Veenendaal and Anna Elizabeth Vervoorn.
  3. Hendrik Huibert Vervoorn was born on 17-2-1881 in Rotterdam. He was married on 6-1-1926 in Rotterdam to Geertruida Wilhelmina Martina van Stappen, aged 27 and born in Kralingen, now part of Rotterdam. Their son Jieles Hendrik was born on 1-11-1927 in Rotterdam. Hendrik died a widower on 23-10-1957 in Rotterdam, aged 76.
  4. Anneke Vervoorn was born on 4-5-1883 in Rotterdam
  5. Arie Vervoorn was born on 6-6-1885 in Rotterdam. Arie was married on 11-11-1908 in Rotterdam to Maria Louisa Mathilda Smit, 20 years old. She was born in Watergraafsmeer, daughter of Wilhelm Frederik Smit and Johanna Lucretia Susanna Bon.
  6. Jacobus Vervoorn was born on 11-2-1888 in Rotterdam, and died there on 3-1-1890, aged 1.
  7. Jacoba Vervoorn was born on 30-8-1892 in Rotterdam. Jacoba was married on 4-9-1912 in Rotterdam to Cornelis Pieter Spruijt, 21 years old. He was born in Charlois, now part of Rotterdam. His parents were Bastiaan Spruijt and Pietje Koster.
Like me, Jielis Hendrik Vervoorn is a descendant of Jillis Gerrits Grandia who lived in Brakel. His daughter Maijke Gillisse Grandia was married to Hendrik Vervoorn, while their grandson Hendrik Jillisse Vervoorn was married to Huibertje Grandia. 

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