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18 Sep 2019

How Cent Bos descends from Centje Cente

Cent is a first name prevalent among my paternal ancestors within the Bos family on the island Hoeksche Waard in Holland. The family originated in Puttershoek. Later, they were living in Numansdorp. In the early 19th century my ancestral branch moved to Cillaarshoek.
My father, Teun Bos, was named after his grandfather, who was a grandson of Cent Leenderts Bos (±1787-1869). When following the line of the eldest sons, however, a Cent Jacob Bos (1922-1988) can be found. In this post I'll show the ancestors of his cousin Cent Bos (1908-1997).
  1. Cent Bos was born on 11-3-1908 in Cillaarshoek. He died on 15-3-1997. 
  2. Pieter Bos (1882-1963) was married in 1907 to Hermina Vermeulen (1886-1965).
  3. Cent Bos was born on 5-9-1845 in Cillaarshoek and died there on 4-11-1917. He was married on 4-5-1876 in Maasdam to Adriaantje (“Jaantje”) van Steensel. She was born on 9-10-1851 in Strijen and died on 18-8-1940 in Cillaarshoek Jaantje's grandmother was Jannigje Cente Bos (1758-1828), a daughter of Cent Leenderts Bos (1723-1783).
  4. Cornelis Bos (1813-1888) was married to Kommertje Hoek (1812-1859) in 1842 in Maasdam. Secondly he married Neeltje van Houten (1838-1887) in Maasdam in 1860.
  5. Cent Leenderts Bos (±1787-1869) was married to Barbara van der Giessen (1787-1857). Their children were baptised in Cillaarshoek.
  6. Leendert Cente Bos (1755-1830) was married to Hendrina van Kooten (±1763-1821) in 1786 in Numansdorp. Their youngest son Leendert Bos (1804-1863) was baptised in Cillaarshoek.
  7. Cent Leendert Bos (1723-1783) was married to Magteltje Reijerkerk of Heinenoord in 1746 in Numansdorp.
  8. Pleuntje Cente Bosman (1692-1767) was married to Leendert Cornelisse Bos (1693-±1725) around 1717. She married secondly Laurens Jacobsz Lievaart (±1675-1740 in 1728 in Numansdorp. Around 1742 she was married thirdly to Tielman Barendsz. Her first husband, Leender Bos, was a son of Cornelis Gijsberts Bos (1655-1731) and Lijsbeth Stevens (1659-1705).
  9. Cent Cornelisse Bosman (1666-1756) was married to Hendrikje Dwarswaard. He married secondly Marike Gerrits Steen (±1677-1755) in 1705 in Numansdorp
  10. Cornelis Centsz of Puttershoek was married in 1666 in Heinenoord to Barber Jans Boer (1641-1720).
  11. Cent Gijsbertsen of Puttershoek was married in 1610 to one Neeltgie Arijens. The mother of his son Cornelis, however, was his second wife, Maergien Cornelisse, whom he married in 1634 in Puttershoek.
  12. Centje Cente was married to Gijsbert Gerrits Boschman. In 1630 in Puttershoek she married secondly one Cornelis Cornelisz.
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9 Sep 2019

Jan & Hester Vroegindeweij in the U.S.A.

In the autumn of 1947 Jan Vroegindeweij, his wife Hester Vroegindeweij, and their 3 children were in The Netherlands for a family visit. They were staying with Jan's parents David Vroegindeweij (1881-1949) and Lucretia Geertruida Schilperoord (1882-1973). During WWII Jan had been working in an ammunition factory.
Eilanden-nieuws, 22-11-1947
Vroegindeweij is an interesting surname that can be translated as “early in the meadow” and is sometimes written as Vroeg in de Weij. Both Jan and Hester descend from Dammis Vroegindeweij who was living in 's-Gravendeel, Holland, in the 17th century. They have a more recent common ancestor in Dammis Claesz Vroegindeweij (1731-1775).
Hester Vroegindeweij was born on 9 June 1909 in Dirksland in Holland. Her parents are Simon Vroegindeweij and Leentje van Es. Hester was named after her grandmother Hester Soldaat (1843-1929), wife of Arij Vroegindeweij (1838-1918).
It's likely that Hester emigrated to the U.S.A. with her parents - sometime after 1923. Simon's elder brother Cornelis Vroegindeweij emigrated to the U.S.A. in april 1930, taking his children with him, too.
The 3 children accompanying Jan and Hester to Holland in 1947 were Lucretia Geertruida, Elaine and Cornelis Johan. Another son, David Simon (“Daaf”), was born on 20 November 1949 in Paterson, New Jersey.
Eilanden-nieuws, 30-11-1949

3 Sep 2019

Latin Terms - Copulatio & Matrimonium

When doing genealogical research, you may - once in a while - stumble upon some words of Latin. For centuries, the church provided for baptisms and burials, and Latin has been the standard for the Roman Catholic liturgy since the 6th century. In the "Latin Term" Series I try to explain some Latin Terms that can be found in genealogical documents.

The Latin word “proclamation” denotes the “announcement of a proposed marriage”. A related Latin term is “matrimonium contrahunt” which means “getting married”. The related word “matrimonio” is Italian for “marriage”. 

The Latin term copulatio” is used to denote a “marriage ceremony”. The corresponding verb is copulare, which means “to join together”. The term was used in catholic churches when a man and a women were married. Nowadays in English the meaning of the verb “to copulate” is somewhat different, but that word originates from the same Latin term.

After the marriage ceremony the couple are coniuges”, i.e. spouses”, and one spouse is a coniunx”.

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26 Aug 2019

2 couples married in the English Church in Dordrecht in 1728

On the 4th of Julii 1728 the banns of marriage publish’d between Anthony Knogh, widr., and Katherin van Pelt, j.dr., both living in this town, and also between Thomas Wadeley, widowr. living at Rotterdam, and Elizabet Payne, widow to Richard Banks, living in this town, and that for the first time, the 11th dito for the 2nd time, and on the 18th for the 3rd time, and the two first were then married by our minister in the morning service, immediately after sermon. On the 1st of August the two last, viz. Thom. Wadely and Elisabeth Payne were married.
Elizabeth Paine was the widow of Richard Pense and she was born in England. At the time of her marriage she was living just outside of one of the city gates of Dordrecht. Thomas Wadeley was widower of Mary Smith whom he had married on 24 October 1724 in Rotterdam in the English Episcopal Church. They couple were married on 1 August 1728 in the English Church in Dordrecht.

Widower Thomas Watleij married widow Elzabeth Paine on 1 August 1728.
Catharina van Pelt was assisted by her aunt, and had received permission from her guardian Hendrik van Pelt. Anthonij Knogh was a widower. He was baptized on 10 March 1698 in Dordrecht. His parents are Pieter Knoch and Pieternella de Jager.
Anthonij Knogh and Catharina van Pelt had 3 children, named Pieternella Elisabeth (baptized on 26 February 1734, buried on 20 May 1734), Pieter (baptized on 12 October 1735) and Paulus (baptized on 8 May 1737). One of the children of Anthonij Knogh was buried on 7 July 1736.