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25 Mar 2015

Rembrecht ("Reimpge") van Thoornburch married a Scotsman

Scotsman John Smith, also called "Johannes de Smith", from "Edenburch, Schotlant", wanted to marry a Dutch girl named Rembrecht van Thoornburch. They first gave notice of marriage in 1615 in Leiden. Witnesses were Aert Black (John's cousin) and Marijtgen Cornelis (Rembrecht's cousin).
The marriage, however, was opposed by Pierijna Jansdr., and postponed until August 7, 1615. The marriage was then rescheduled for August 13, 1615, but it seems to have been cancelled again, for another source mentions that
 "John Smith, from Edinburgh, a sayworker in Leiden, and Rembrecht van Thoornburch", married in Leiden on 10 November 1618.

Jan Jacobsen Smit had a son named Pauwels christened in Leiden on 16-5-1621 with witnesses Grietgen Jacobs, Maertgen Jacobs and Claude van Santfort. On 1-4-1624 in Leiden Jan Smit and Reimtgen Pauwels had a son Johannes christened. Witnesses at the christening were Grietgen Jacobs, Michiel Michielsz. and Cijtgen Pouwels. Cijtgen was Rembrecht's sister. She married Michiel Caeljerie or Calerije in 1622 in Leiden, but died within 3 years of her marriage. Rembrecht and Cijtgen's parents were Paulus van Toorenburch and Maertgen Jacobsdr. Other siblings were Jan, Jacob, Aechgen, Aeltgen and Grietgen.

In 1656 Surgeon Jan Jacobsz Smit and his wife Reimpge Poulsdr. van Torenburch were mentioned as living in the Duivelshoorn in Leiden.

Hooglandsche kerk, Leiden, Holland, around 1698

5 Mar 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday - My Grandmother's 1918 Church Membership Certificate

This certificate shows that my grandmother Willempje Cornelia Zijderveld, born on November 6, 1892, became a member of the Dutch Reformed Church on March 5, 1918, in Dordrecht, The Netherlands:

On March 29, 1917, my grandmother had married my grandfather Pieter de Jong (1892-1973). They had 10 children and a miscarriage from 10 pregnancies. At first they lived in Sprang-Capelle, Noord-Brabant, later they moved to Mookhoek, Zuid-Holland. My grandmother died on July 16, 1976, in Oud-Beijerland. 

My Little Treasure Chest