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22 Jun 2019

Surname Saturday - Hoppel

“Ons Voorgeslacht” is a magazine for genealogy in Holland. In 1957 it featured an article by J. MacLean describing the Hoppel family in Heerjansdam. Since then K.J. Slijkerman has found some addition information about this family.

Mathias Hoppel was a pastor in Heerjansdam in the period 1583-1616. He had moved there from the area around Aachen in Germany. His wife’s given name was Maeijke. Their known children are Aert, Sara, Abraham and Hendrik. Weakened due to old age, Mathias retired in 1616. 

Mathias' son Abraham was discredited in the summer of 1614 when Vranck Corneliss van Esch made a declaration that one evening, when he was working on his land, Vranck had seen Abraham Hoppel, completely naked and smelly, and carrying a knife. It was just moments after Abraham had tried to rape two young women, Aeltgen and Meijnsken, daughters of Aert and Lijsbet Pieters. Abraham Hoppel was ordered to pay their mother 12 pounds.
Despite this gross misbehavior, Abraham was a member of the local water authority in 1619, 1624 and 1625.

Hendrik Hoppel, another son of Matthias, was married to Ingetje, daughter of Bastiaan, who had brothers Leonardt and Pleun. Hendrik had surviving children named Bastiaen, Hendrik, Marija, Arien, Hendricxie and Maeijken. In 1619 Hendrik is mentioned as being 40 years old, so he was born around 1579.
I descend from Hendrik’s son of the same name whose daughter Maeijke married Cornelis Leenheer (±1638-1709) on 10 April 1662 in Heerjansdam.

Sources: J. MacLean: Ons Voorgeslacht 1957; K.J. Slijkerman: Ons Voorgeslacht 1999, Kronieken 2000.

10 Jun 2019

Longevity ~ Sina Kamerling (98)

Funeral Ad of Sina Kamerling
(Eilanden-Nieuws, 9-4-2002)
Sina Kamerling was born in the autumn of 1903 in Oude-Tonge on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee in Holland. She was a younger daughter of Aren Kamerling (1861-1923) and his wife Klazina Adriana van der Tulp (1867-1959).

In 1921 Sina's elder brother Nicolaas Kamerling (1894-1971) married Cornelia Markus (1899-1976). She was one of the many children of Job Markus (1865-1937) and his wife Cornelia van der Made (1867-1942). It was one of Cornelia's younger siblings, Cornelis (“Cor”) Markus, who came to the attention of Sina Kamerling. Sina (23) and Cor (22) were married on October 22, 1926 in Nieuwe Tonge.

Before World War II, Sina Kamerling gave birth to Cornelia, Aren, Klaas Adriaan, Dirkje and a stillborn child. After the war an additional child was born: Adrianus, known as “Adrie”. He was to marry Annelies Swanette Käte Schulz, and lived in Germany.
Sina's son Klaas Adriaan Markus, born in the summer of 1931 in Melissant, moved to Terrace, Canada. He married and had 2 children named Chantal and Adriaan. 
Sina's daughter Dirkje Markus, born in the autumn of 1936 in Nieuwe Tonge, married widower Jacob van Erkel. He had lost his wife, Lijntje Adriana van Putten, and a daughter, Willemina Maria van Erkel, during the flood of 1953. After his death at the age of 65 on October 22, 1982, in Nieuwe Tonge, Dirkje married P. de Jong. 
Sina's brother-in-law, Johannis (Joe”) Markus, born on April 30, 1901, in nearby Dirksland, travelled the the U.S.A. in January 1921. At first he lived and worked at the farm of the Buth family. Later he worked for a diary factory in in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He married Helen Gaca. In 1955 and 1969 the couple visited The Netherlands.
Joe Markus and his wife
(Eilanden-Nieuws, 12-9-1969)
Sina's mother, Klazina Adriana van der Tulp, died on June 10, 1959, in Nieuwe Tonge, aged 92. Sina's husband, Cor Markus, died on April 21, 1983 in Sommelsdijk, at the age of 79. He was buried there on the 26th. Sina's youngest son Adrianus Markus was in bad health for years beftore he died on November 21, 2001. The next year, on April 8, Sina died in Sommelsdijk at the age of 98 years and 7 months old. The last years of her life Sina had been living in a nursing home. She was buried in Sommelsdijk on the 12th.

Sources: WieWasWie.nlDelpher Newspapers.

4 Jun 2019

Tuesday's Tip - Was your ancestor married more than once?

Looking at historical records, it is not always easy to identify an ancestor who has been married more than once. Missing a marriage can often mean missing an entire branch of the family. It can also result in assigning descendants to the wrong parent. 

Among my ancestors are two men who were married five times: Pieter Huigen Blaak and Crijn Jans Tuck. Two female ancestors married four times: Ariaenken (daughter of Roel) in Sprang and Mariken (daughter of Dammas) in IJsselmonde.

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