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22 Jul 2019

Willem Hendrik Kooijman of Vianen

In 1928, Willem Hendrik Kooijman (37), his wife Grietje (37) and their sons Frederick (14) and Albert (9) crossed the border from Canada to the United States.

Willem Hendrik Kooijman was born on 1 November 1890 in Vianen, Utrecht. His parents are Frederik Kooijman (1856-1924) of Vianen and Frederike Niemann of Hagen, Westphalia, Germany, who were married in Vianen on 28 October 1887. His paternal grandparents are Cornelis Kooijman (1825-1909) and Maria Adriana van de Koppel. His paternal great-grandparents are Aart Kooijman and Adriana de Bont (1802-1846).

10 Jul 2019

Bigamist Theodoor Theeuwissen in Brussels

Theodoor Theeuwissen was born in Breda in The Netherlands on July 10, 1821, around 23:00. His parents were Johannes Frederik Theeuwissen (1797-1857), shopkeeper in Breda, and his wife Adriana Joanna de Vet (1799-1854). Other siblings were Hendrika, Johanna, Johannes, Wilhelmina and Cornelis Goverdinus Teeuwissen.
In 1846 in Brussels in Belgium Theodoor Theeuwissen married a woman named Delphine Haijims. He fathered 4 children with her before he left.
In Marseille in France in 1864 Theodoor married Victorine Discours. Victorine was already pregnant, when she found out that her new husband was still married to another woman. She was the one who filed a complaint against her husband. As a result of that Theodoor Theeuwissen was convicted to a five-year prison sentence.

Algemeen Handelsblad (newspaper), 28-9-1865
The newspaper clipping above also mentions that Theodoor Theeuwissen was working as a printer and typesetter.