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20 May 2019

Longevity ~ Willem Molendijk (91) in Mijnsheerenland

Willem Molendijk was 91 years old when he died on 25-5-1885 in Mijnsheerenland in Holland. He had been a widower for just 2 years for he had lost his wife on 25-1-1883.
Nieuwsblad, gewijd aan de belangen van de Hoeksche Waard, 
IJselmonde, Kralingen & Vlaardingen, 7-5-1885
Willem Molenldijk was born on 10-5-1794 in ‘s-Gravendeel in Holland as the eldest son of Cornelis Molendijk (1772-1854) and his wife Trijntje Niemandsverdriet (1772-1853). Willem's paternal grandparents are Willem Molendijk (1736-1800) and his wife Lijsbeth (“Leijsje”) Molendijk (1743-1802). Willem's paternal great-grandparents are Adriaan Molendijk (1703-1773) and his wife Luijcksje Molendijk (±1711-1793). This Molendijk family had many branches, all descending from a Goossen Ariensz. who was married in 1689 in Ridderkerk in Holland.

Signatures of Willem Molendijk and Jannigje
van Prooijen and both their fathers.
At the age of 34, Willem Molendijk married Jannigje van Prooijen on 14-5-1828 in ‘s-Gravendeel. Jannigje was born there on 17-12-1805 as a younger daughter of Leendert van Prooijen (±1766-1843) and his first wife Aagje den Boer (1770-1809). This couple had 8 children who reached adulthood, but only 3 of them – Lijntje, Maria and Jannigje - were married. As a widower, Jannigje’s father Leendert was to remarry in 1812 in ‘s-Gravendeel. Leendert’s second wife was Lijntje Molendijk (1764-1842), widow of Jan van der Linden (†1810) and daughter of Cornelis Molendijk (±1735-1784).

Jannigje van Prooijen and Willem Molendijk had a stillborn son in May 1829. Soon, however, they had two daughters: Aagje, born on 18-4-1830, and Trijntje, born on 29-5-1831 in Mijnsheerenland. Nearly eight years later, a son Cornelis was born on 24-1-1839. Their youngest daughter Lijntje died on 3-2-1850, aged seven.

10 May 2019

Hendrika Agatha Warbie's husband had left for Connecticut, USA

Hendrika Agatha Warbie was born on 18 September 1896 in Rotterdam, Holland, as the second daughter of Johannes Warbie (1864-1918) and Agatha Pieternella van der Toorn (1876-1945). Her parents had been married on 19 October 1892 in Rotterdam when her mother was just 16 years old. Their first daughter was born on 12 February 1894 and named Johanna Wilhelmina. Agatha Pieternella gave birth to 11 children, but most of them died in infancy. A son named Leonardus Gijsbertus Warbie (1900-1928) and a younger daughter named Agatha Warbie (1903-1956) both survived infancy, too. 

Hendrika Agatha's oldest sister, Johanna Wilhelmina, was married in 1917. Their father, Johannes Warbie, died in Rotterdam on 21 December 1918.
Hendrika Agatha Warbie was married on 20 December 1922 in Rotterdam. The groom, Franciscus Hendrikus van Waardenburg, was born on 24 December 1888 as younger son of Adrianus Wijnandus van Waardenburg en Adriana van der Torren. His grandfather and great-grandfather were also named Adrianus Wijnandus van Waardenburg and were also living in Rotterdam.
Hendrik Agatha Warbie gave birth a daughter who died on 23 March 1923 in Rotterdam before she had been given a name. 
Nederlandsche Staatscourant, 14-8-1934
Around June 1923 Franciscus Hendrikus van Waardenburg left his wife and disappeared. The next Hendrika Agatha gave birth to a son Gerrit who died 4 months later on 23 March 1925 in Rotterdam. He can't have been her husband's son. 
As an abandoned wife, Hendrika Agatha, started divorce procedures in 1934. She didn't know what had happened to her husband since he left, and thought he may have died. She indicated that she wanted to remarry.
A judge in Rotterdam decided at the end of 1935 to grant Hendrika Agatha Warbie a license to enter into another marriage, because nothing had been heard of her husband for over 10 years, and he had not responded to three published calls.

2 May 2019

Henri Gerrit Booij (1907-1944) from Rotterdam was buried in Changkai

Henri Gerrit Booij was born on 2 July 1907 in Rotterdam. His parents are Hendrik Booij and Jannetje de Wilde. His paternal grandparents are Gerrit Booij (1837-1882) and Bregtje de Waal. His paternal great-grandparents are Jacob Booij (1785-1866) and his third wife Niesje Beets (1810-1882) who were living in Ilpendam, Holland. The paternal great-great-grandparents of Henri Gerrit are Gerrit Jacobsz. Booij (1757-1828), Eegje Jans Dekker (1763-1820), Sijmon Jansz. Beets (±1767-1817) and Krelisje Bos (1776-1848).

When Henri Gerrit Booij was 21 years old, his father Henri Booij died on 1 June 1929, aged 52, in Hillegersberg (now part of Rotterdam). He had been born on 30 May 1877 in Buiksloot, Holland, and had been working as a waiter. Henri's widow, Jannetje de Wilde, was born on 19 March 1873 in Amsterfoort, Utrecht area, The Netherlands. They had been married on 7 March 1901 in Amsterdam. An overview of their younger children and birth dates is shown in the image below. 

Henri Gerrits Booij with his parents and younger siblings
At the age of 31, Henri Gerrit Booij was married on 23 November 1938 in Rotterdam to Helena Johanna Maria Verbakel, aged 29, born in Rotterdam. She was born on 7 March 1909 in Rotterdam as the eldest daughter of Wilhelmus Jacobus Verbakel (1879-1964) and Johanna Gerarda Visser. At some point the couple traveled to Indonesia.

POW Camp Card for Henri Gerrit Booij
In Indonesia Henri Gerrit Booij was working as a hotel clerk, probably in Nongkodjadjar on Java. He was described an infantry sergeant for the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL) when he was captured by the Japanese on Java on 10 March 1942. He was transferred to the main Java Prisoner Of War (POW) Camp on 1 November 1942, and interned. He was transferred to the Thai No. 4 Branch Camp 7855 on 29 January 1943. Often, prisoners in the Thai POW Camps were forced by the Japanese to work on the Burma Railway between Nong Pladuk in Thailand and Thanbyuzayat in Burma (now Myanmar). Henri Gerrit Booij died in the No. 4 Branch Camp on 11 February 1944. He was buried in Chungkai.

24 Apr 2019

Hendrik Kooijman was born in Versailles in 1816

For some unknown reason Dutchman Hendrik Kooijman was born on 27 August 1816 in Versailles in France. His parents are workman Johannes (“Jan”) Kooijman and Johanna Jansen. The couple had an earlier son, Henricus Anthonius Kooijman, baptized on 29 March 1808 in Utrecht with Roman Catholic rites. Jan, however, had been baptized on 12 January 1775 in Vianen in a Dutch-Reformed church as a younger son of an elder Jan Kooijman and his wife Hendrikje Vreeswijk (±1733-1821) who had been married in Utrecht on 6 November 1757. Hendrikje's parents are Lambertus (“Lammert”) Vreeswijk and Antonia (“Teuntie”) Vermeulen.

Hendrik Kooijman was born in Versailles on 27 August 1816.
Hendrik Kooijman had two siblings named Jan who both died young, as did a sister named Paulina. Additionally Hendrik had a sister Hendrika born on 23 September 1826 in Vianen. Hendrik and his brother Peter (1823-1884) seem to be the only two of these siblings who reached adulthood.
Hendrik's father, Jan Kooijman, died on 8 October 1854 in Vianen, aged 79. His widow, Johanna Jansen, died on 14 November 1858 in Vianen, aged 72.

Hendrik Kooijman was married in Vianen on 27 November 1841 to Cornelia Kortenhoeven (1817-1862). As a widower Hendrik married Johanna Jacoba Paalhaar (1830-1881) on 3 February 1865 in Vianen. Hendrik had children from both his marriages. Hendrik's younger brother Peter Kooijman married twice, too.

17 Apr 2019

Wedding Wednesday - Willem Houtmeijer married Hendrikje Nout in 1796 in Linschoten

Willem Houtmeijer was born in Lienen to the south of Tecklenburg in Germany. In 1796 he lived in Nieuwerbrug in South-Holland. He was married in Linschoten on 17-4-1796 to Hendrikje Nout. She was born in Lageweide, to the west of Utrecht City. At the time of her marriage she was living in Barwoudswaarder to the northwest of Woerden. The villages of Nieuwerbrug and Barwoudswaarder are at a walking distance of just 3 km.

Tecklenburg in Germany

8 Apr 2019

Where in the World is Theunis Ariens van der Giesen?

Arie Jansz. van der Giessen and Ariaantje Ariens Buijtendijk were married on 30 May 1717 in Westmaas, Holland. They became the parents of a large family of 11, including a son Theunis, baptized on 24 September 1719 in Numansdorp, Holland.

Theunis Ariensz. van der Giessen, originating in Numansdorp, joined the Dutch East Inda Company (V.O.C.) as a soldier, protecting ships. On 29 March 1741 Theunis sailed from Goeree, an island in the southwestern part of Holland, on a flute ship named “Delfland”. Its skipper was named Egbert Verduin. Its crew consisted of 119 sailors and 60 soldiers, including Theunis. 
A long-distance voyage was hard on the health of a sailing ship’s crew. During the first 2-3 months of the voyage newcomers aboard usually developed scurvy due to a vitamin C deficiency. The “Delfland” arrived at Cape of Good Hope in South-Africa on 24 June, departing at 18 July. Ship and crew arrived on 11 September 1741 in Batavia, the capital of the Dutch East Indies, corresponding to the present-day city of Jakarta.
After staying in Indonesia for over year, Theunis Ariensz van der Giessen was supposed to board ship for the homeward voyage on 20 November 1742, but he never turned up. He has been missing ever since.

Salary and expenses of Theunis Ariensz. van der Giessen
Sources: V.O.C. opvarenden bij het nationaal 

27 Mar 2019

Geertrui Papenvelt (1803-54) of Emden, Germany

Dutch translation of Geertruid's baptismal record
Geertrui Papenvelt was born on 12 June 1803 and baptized on the 16th in Emden, Germany. Her parents are Gerrit Papenvelt and Maria Noteboom. Her brother Jozef was born on 25 May 1805 and baptized there on the 30th.
Gerrit Papevelt died on 29 June 1817 in Emden. His death was registered in Dordrecht, Holland, on 22 November 1819. As a widow Geertrui’s mother lived in ‘s-Gravendeel, Holland. Maria Noteboom died there as Gerrit's widow on 9 August 1852, aged 74. Her parents are Joost Noteboom (†1787) and Jannigje Korsse de Jong (†1795).

Earlier, on 20 July 1826 in Vlaardingen, Holland, a woman named Teuntje Verboom had died as widow of Gerrit van Papenvelt. They had been married on 6 November 1796 in Vlaardingen, and they had had a son Arij Papevelt (1797-1854). Teuntje Verboom (1763-1826) was widow of Maarten Bos(ch). Gerrit Papenvelt was widower of Trijntje Noorthoek. This first marriage had taken place on 6 May 1791 in Vlaardingen, and the surviving children of Gerrit's first marriage were Johannis (1791-), Teunis (1793-1843) and Peije (1794-1813).
Did Gerrit Papenvelt move to Emden, Germany, to be able to contract a bigamous marriage to Maria Noteboom, or did Gerrit and Maria just pretend to be married, while living in Germany?

17 Mar 2019

Longevity ~ Daatje de Sterke (94) in Dordrecht

Daatje de Sterke was born on Sunday December 14, 1834, around 1 o'clock in the afternoon in Werkendam in The Netherlands. Her parents are Pieter de Sterke (1794-1888) and his 29-year-old second wife Adriana de Vries (1806-1881). Adriana had been an illegitimate daughter of Jannigje de Vries, abandoned wife of Cornelis van Aalst. Daatje's paternal grandparents are my ancestors Pieter de Sterke (1765-1842) and Adriana Knikman (1766-1804).

Jacob Vrolijk was a blacksmith
Daatje de Sterke was first married on 16 May 1855 in Dordrecht to blacksmith Jacob Vrolijk. Jacob was born on 27 August 1834 in Dordrecht. His parents are blacksmith Jacobus Vrolijk and his wife Sija van der Koog. This Sija is named after her grandmother Sija Brand (±1758-1803) who married Willem van der Koog (1734-1809). As a result, Sija van der Koog is a descendant of both my ancestors Jacobus van der Koogh (1710-1793) and Jillis Jacobsen Brand.
Upon their marriage Daatje de Sterke and Jacob Vrolijk acknowledged to be the parents of a daughter named Hendrika, born in 1854 in Dordrecht, although it's unlikely that Jacob really was the girl's father, because little Hendrika was not named after any of her official grandparents.
In 1857-58 Daatje gave birth to a daughter Sija and a son Pieter Jacobus, who both died young. Her husband, Jacob Vrolijk, died in Dordrecht on 19 October 1859,  aged 25, while Daatje was pregnant again. When the boy was born on 13 May 1860, he was named after his father.

Signatures of Jacob Vrolijk
and Daatje de Sterke
As a widow Daatje de Sterke gave birth to a daughter named Catharina on 11 April 1863 around 8:30 in Dordrecht. This girl died on 18 June. On 5 December 1864 around 22:00 in Dordrecht Daatje gave birth to a son named Andries Anthonie. In both cases these births were reported at the civil registry office by the midwife.

Nearly two years later, on 19 September 1866, Daatje de Sterke (31) was married to Anthoon van Leeuwen (28). They acknowledged to be the parents of Andries Anthonie. Antoon was born on 21 December 1837 in Dordrecht. His parents are Adrianus van Leeuwen and Johanna Margrita Keldermans.
During her second marriage, Daatje de Sterke had 4 children who died young, but a son named Pieter and the youngest, Hendrika, survived infancy. Daatje's eldest daughter, Hendrika Vrolijk, died at the age of 18 on 4 March 1873 in Dordrecht. In the summer of 1883 Daatje de Sterke moved to Rotterdam with her children Andries Anthonie, Pieter and Hendrika.
Of Daatje's 4 surviving children Pieter van Leeuwen (1866-1959) was the first to marry in 1887. Andries Anthonie van Leeuwen married in 1888. Jacob Vrolijk, a supervisor in the navy, was married in 1891. The last to marry was Daatje's youngest daughter Hendrika van Leeuwen who was married on 26-10-1898 in Rotterdam to Johannes George Vrolijk. The groom and the bride's half-siblings all descend from the couple Johannes George Vrolijk (±1782-1833) and Maaike Kraan (±1782-1857).

De Maasbode (newspaper), 13-3-1929
In Dordrecht on 6 June 1894 Anthoon van Leeuwen died, aged 56. This time Daatje de Sterke was a widow for nearly 35 years. Daatje died on 10 March 1929 in Rotterdam, 94 years, 2 months, 2 weeks and 3 days old. Her son Pieter van Leeuwen would reach the age of 92 years. Another son, Andries Anthonie van Leeuwen, died on 29 January 1959 in Rotterdam, 94 years, 1 month and 25 days old.

13 Mar 2019

Harmen Hilgeman was born in Lengerich in Germany - Wedding Wednesday

Johan Harmen Hilgeman was born in Lengerich near Tecklenburg in Germany. He was married in Linschoten, Utrecht, The Netherlands, on October 24, 1802, to Henrica Nout, born in Linschoten, but at the time living in Wulverhorst near Houten to the south of Utrecht City. They had several children.

Tecklenburg in Germany

Their daughter Catharina Hillegeman was married, aged 23, on March 13, 1828, in Barwoutswaarder to Coenraad Hendrik Bardelmeijer (27), born in Lienen near Tecklenburg in Germany. He was as son of Coenraad Hendrik Bardelmeijer snr. and Christina Gessie. Catharina died on March 4, 1829, aged 24.
Sources: & Brouwer's Utrecht Genealogy.

26 Feb 2019

Jan de Jong married Maartje Bosman in 1744 in Rotterdam

Jan de Jong was baptized in Rotterdam, Holland, on 18 December 1718 with witness Jannetje Jans. His parents are van Nicolaas (Claas) Dirckse de Jong (1754) and Abigael (Abiegeltie) Jans de Weijne (±1680-1762), and they were living in the Leeuwestraet in Rotterdam since their marriage in May 1700. Jan had elder surviving siblings Neeltie and Dirk de Jong.

Jan was married to Maartje (Maartie) Bosman on 14 October 1744 the English-presbyterian church of Rotterdam. They had first given notice of their marriage on 27 September. Maartje was baptized on 19 March 1716 in Rotterdam. Her parents are Jan “den Jongen” Bosman and his wife Cornelia Gobelius (†1747) who were married in Rotterdam on 7 May 1715. Maartje Bosman was a witness at the baptisms of her nephew Jan Bosman on 8 July 1747 and her grandchildren Maartje de Jong on 12 January 1773, Jan de Bruijn on 8 August 1775, and Cornelia de Bruijn on 16 November 1783.

Jan de Jong and Maartje Bosman were living at the Nieuwehave Street in Rotterdam. Jan is buried on 5 September 1781 in Rotterdam, aged 62. He was survived by 3 children. As a widow Maartje Bosman was living at the Botersloot Street. She was buried on 15 February 1788 in Rotterdam.

13 Feb 2019

Ancestor Score 2019 - a new begin

Inspired by the Ancestor Score of other blogs, I generated my own in February 2016. Shortly after posting it, I had to remove several wrong ancestors, decreasing my score. Later that year I was happy to find more new ancestors to compensate for the loss. 
In August 2018, however, I had to remove a whole load of wrong ancestors*** that were partly replaced by already existing ancestors due to inbreeding among my ancestors. Thus, my ancestor score had been decreased forever. Therefore, I decided to create a new 2018 ancestor score in August (replacing the one in February) to be able to continue this series of posts.

Now it's time for a new Ancestor Score post! 

Geneanet defines the Ancestor Score as 

comparing the number of possible ancestors with 
the number of identified ancestors on a 10-generation report”. 

My Ancestor Score at generation 10 in the period 1600-1722 is 79.5%. It will never reach the 100%, because some cousins intermarried in generation 7. 

The total number of my known ancestors - starting with my parents (generation 2) - is now 4520. 

The most common surnames among my ancestors are Van Driel, Oerlemans, Spruijt, Brand, Bos, Van der Giessen, De Jong, Van der Linden and Smits. The surnames De Jong, Bos and Smits are in the Top 25 of most common surnames in The Netherlands. The most common male given names among my parents are typically Dutch names like Jan, Cornelis, Pieter, Willem and Adriaan. The most common female given names are Adriana, Maria and Elisabeth.
My great-grandparents
Pieter Klootwijk & Adriana Brand 
The most common places of origin of my ancestors are Dordrecht, Sprang-Capelle, Sint Anthoniepolder, Ridderkerk, Strijen, Streefkerk, 's-Gravendeel and Dubbeldam.

Beatericx Wouters Roothals (±1595-1653) and Jan Dericxsen Antonissen van Nederveen are my only ancestors that had a triplet. My own mother was born as one of a twin. 
Jannigje Thomasse Brullee (±1684-1747), wife of Joost de Bondt, gave birth to 14 children. This couple was married for 43 years. Neeltjen Claes Bloet (±1640-1727) and Gerrit Maertensen Korver were married for 66 years. My great-grandparents Pieter Klootwijk (1875-1964) and Adriana Brand (1880-1965) were married for 61 years. 

Composition and Bandwidth of various Generations
G 3
G 4
G 5
G 6
G 7
G 8
G 9
G 10
G 11
G 12
G 13
G 14
G 15
G 16
G 17
G 18
G 19
G 20

  ***) I have many ancestors in places like Sint Anthoniepolder, 's-Gravendeel, Wieldrecht and Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, where pre-1800 baptism records are missing. 
  **) The Bandwidth of a generation is determined by the earliest and latest known birth or baptism date within that generation. 
  *) All years feature an ancestor score of February, except for the August score of 2018.

4 Feb 2019

Longevity ~ Pieter Knikman (94) in Dordrecht

Pieter Knikman, aged 94 years and 9 months, died on July 2, 1854, in Dordrecht, Holland. He had been a widower for 10 years, and was survived by his daughters Margrita Recourt-Knikman and Maria Sillevis-Knikman.
Dordrechtsche Courant, 4-7-1854
Pieter Knikman was baptized on October 10, 1759, in Dordrecht. He was the eldest son of my ancestors Arij Knikman (1730-1778) and Maria de Sterke (1730-1806). He had siblings named Johanna (1758-1839), Jacoba, David (1763-1794), Adriana, Elizabeth, Margaretha and Adam (1775-1849).
When his father died in 1778, Pieter was aged 18. He was the first of his siblings to marry when he tied the knot on June 15, 1783, in Dordrecht with Geertruij Botvis, a girl living in the same street. They were assisted by both their widowed mothers.

Geertruij Botvis was baptized on May 27, 1759, in Dordrecht as a younger daughter of Willem Botvis (†1783) and Margrita ("Grietie") van der Heijden (†1801). Over the period 1785-1793 Pieter Knikman and Geertruij Botvis had 5 children baptized: Arie, Margrita, Maaijke (twice) and Willem. Both their boys seem to have died young. Margrita, baptized on May 2, 1787, and Maaijke, baptizes on January 2, 1793, both in Dordrecht, both survived infancy.

Dagblad van Zuid-Holland en 
's-Gravenhage, 27-5-1864
In 1807 Pieter Knikman was still living in the Kolfstraat in Dordrecht. He was a skipper by profession. On July 30, 1808, in nearby Dubbeldam Pieter's daughter Margrita was married to Jacobus Recourt. They were to have children named Antonetta, Pieter and Willem Recourt.
Pieter Knikman and Geertruij Botvis were both present when their other daughter, Maaijke, was married on August 10, 1815, in Dordrecht to skipper Leendert Sillevis who had been born in The Hague. This couple was to have children named Pieter, Leendert, Willem, Gerradus, Maria and Geertruida Sillevis.

Somehow Pieter Knikman was in Aalburg near Heusden in Brabant, when his wife died in Dordrecht on November 24, 1843, around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, aged 84. When Pieter Knikman died at the age of 94, only one of his siblings was still alive. His sister Elizabeth died a month after her brother on August 9, 1854, in Dordrecht. Pieter's son-in-law Jacobus Recourt died on July 15, 1859, aged 76. Jacobus' widow, Margrita Knikman, died on March 21, 1864. Pieter's other son-in-law, Leendert Sillevis, died on December 28, 1863. Leendert's widow, Maria Knikman, died on November 25, 1879, in Dordrecht, aged 86.

Sources: Dordrecht Archive, Delpher Newspapers.

23 Jan 2019

Peter Gerrit Vos & Anneke Nederveen in Colorado, USA

On 12 November, 1892, a total of 28 families with their 116 children and another 31 single persons boarded the steamship "Dubbeldam" in Amsterdam, Holland. Among them were Peter Gerrit Vos and Anneke Nederveen and their 2 children. The couple had been married on 18 December, 1875, in Almkerk, Brabant, The Netherlands.
Anneke Nederveen was born on 11 March, 1838, in Oudenbosch, Brabant. Her parents are Wouter Nederveen (1803-1867) and Maria Hagens. Peter Gerrit Vos was born in Almkerk on 7 April, 1839, as a younger son of Krijn Vos (1799-1866) and Adriaantje Confurius (1797-1875). His paternal grandparents are Bastiaan Vos and Jacoba Nieuwenhuizen. 
In Almkerk Peter Gerrit and Anneke had become the parents of 2 children: Maria Wouterina, born on 13 October, 1876, and Adriaan, born on 22 November, 1878.

The immigrants on board steamship "Dubbeldam" arrived in Hoboken, New Jersey, where they were met by Albertus Zoutman and Cornelis W. Van der Hoogt. They accompanied the newcomers to the San Luis Valley north of Alamosa where they arrived on November 30, 1892. Soon the immigrants discovered that the dazzling prospects described in the brochure were diametrically opposed to the facts.

Middelburgsche Courant, 21-2-1893
On January 31, 1893, 14 families and 6 single men left for Crook with a special train - the fare paid by the Immigration Company. About 10 days later Arnaud J. Van Lummel and Andries Bruintjes, immigrants from the "Empire Farm" near Alamosa, visited their fellow Dutchmen in northeastern Colorado. They found the colonists there in a wretched condition, some of them still living in railroad cars of the Union Pacific, parked on a side track. Several weeks later, the immigrants were "huddled together in two barn-like structures." Soon some of the Dutch children were stricken with diphtheria and scarlet fever.