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16 May 2018

Joost Pieter Zijderveld in Florida

My maternal grandmother belonged to a Zijderveld family that has featured the Christian name Joost for centuries.
Volkskrant, 21-9-1989
I found a Joost Pieter (“Joost”) Zijderveld who moved to Florida, USA, in the later 1970s. In the Netherlands he had been in business as a trader in oil. After the oil crisis, business plummeted, and Joost decided to emigrate. In Florida he made a fortune in real-estate. In 1980 Joost Willem Zijderveld and his wife Jeannette de Haan were living in Orlando, Florida. In 1985 they were living with their 4 daughters in Longwood, Florida.

Joost Willem Zijderveld was born in November 1935 as a younger son of Joost Zijderveld and his wife Maria van der Ven who had been married on February 9, 1928, in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht in Holland. This Joost was born there on September 19, 1903, and died on September 30, 1985 in Alblasserdam. He was buried there on October 4, 1985. At that time 2 of his daughters were living in South-Africa.

7 May 2018

Jan Hendrikse Boon originated in Lippe, Germany

Boon seems to be a quite common surname in Holland. I do have ancestors with this surname in the villages Moordrecht, Lekkerkerk and Goudriaan. In Dordrecht, Holland, I stumbled upon another, not related, Mr. Boon.

Jan, son of Hendrik Boon, was born in the county of Lippe in Germany. In May 1719 he was a widower, living in the village of Ridderkerk, Holland, when he was married in Dordrecht to Magdalena Schuurmans, who was living at the Varkenmarkt in Dordrecht. Her place of origin is given as "Mulheijm", likely Mülheim; Germany features 5 different places named Mülheim.

Dordrecht, Sunday May 7, 1719:

Jan Hendrikse Boon married Magdalena Schuermans on 21 May 1719 in Dordrecht.
The couple had a daughter, Hendrikje, baptized on 12-1-1721 in Dordrecht.