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30 Jul 2018

Henk Zijderveld was living in Bolivia

Cornelis Zijderveld
Pieter Hendrik (“Henk”) Zijderveld was born on July 14, 1900, in Arnhem, The Netherlands, as the elder son of Cornelis Zijderveld (1868-1946, to the right), headmaster of a high school in Arnhem. They are descendants of my ancestor Joost Zijderveld (1822-1893). Henk's mother, Levina Cornelia Josina de Smit (1896-1956) was his father's second wife. His younger siblings were born in the period 1901-1907. Additionally, Henk had an elder half-sister Hendrika Pietertje Zijderveld (1894-1985). 

Arnhemsche Courant, 17-9-1925
In July 1921 an engagement was announced between Henk Zijderveld and N.H.J. (“Nelly”) Vink, while he was still studying to become a mining engineer. Apparently their marriage was postponed until after his graduation in June 1924. Henk and Nelly were finally married by proxy on October 2, 1925, in Oruro, Bolivia. They were to have several children. 

On March 25, 1939, in Oruro Henk Zijderveld was married to his second wife, Isabella (“Isa”) Lora. That same year on August 21, 1939, in Oruro, Henk's youngest sister Jacoba Suzanna (“Ko”) Zijderveld was married to Jan Boost. Around 1980 Ko was living as nun “Soeur Jacoba” in Jerusalem, Israel. In the summer of 1992 Jacoba was living in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Henk Zijderveld died on January 10, 1963, living Isa Lora as a widow.


24 Jul 2018

How Kommertje Bos descends from 17th-century Commertje Bastiaans

On my father's side of the family I had a great-aunt named Kommertje Bos, which is a bit of an unusual name. She was named after her maternal grandmother, Kommertje Hoek (1812-1859). As was usual within large families, Kommertje Hoek had several granddaughters and great-granddaughters named after her. Among them was another Kommertje Bos (1910-2000), who was known as “Ko Kuip” due to her marriage to Jan Kuiper (1909-1967). That Kommertje's father was Jacob “Jaap” Bos (1878-1944), son of Cent Bos (1845-1917), a brother of my great-grandfather Teunis Bos (1853-1923).
This Teunis Bos was the father of the Kommertje Bos of this post. Kommertje was married in 1913to Cornelis (“Cees”) Boer and had sons named Leendert (2x), Teunis, Aart and Cornelis. Kommertje's younger sister Willempje (“Wim”) Bos (1897-1982) married Cornelis' brother Meeuwis Boer (1890-1959) in 1925. That's a great-aunt I can still remember. 

The family of Cornelis Boer and kommertje Bos in Rotterdam
Here are the ancestors of my great-aunt Kommertje Bos:
  1. Kommertje Bos was born on 30-12-1891 in Cillaarshoek around 03:00. On 3-7-1913 in Maasdam she married Cornelis Boer who was born on 4-8-1889 in Puttershoek. 
  2. Teunis Bos (1853-1923) married Maaike van Driel (1859-1926) in 1880 in Strijen.
  3. Kommertje Hoek was born on 4-1-1812 in Sint Anthoniepolder, baptized on 12-1-1812 in Cillaarshoek and there died on 1-11-1859. She was married on 7-12-1842 in Maasdam to Cornelis Bos (1813-1888).
  4. Pieter Hoek (1780-1844) married Willempje in 't Veld (1789-1823) and Metje Vermoen (1792-1843).
  5. Commertje den Broeder was born on 26-7-1738 in de Greup and baptized on 3-8-1738 in Westmaas. She died on 24-12-1823 in Klaaswaal. She was married in Klaaswaal on 15-4-1768 to Mattheus Hoek (1734-1817).
  6. Bastiaan Meeuwisse den Broeder (1680-1738) was married to Adriana Willems Vlasblom and Ahrentje Corsse de Jong (1703-1752).
  7. Ariaentie Leenderts Broeder was born around 1645. She was married in Numansdorp on 13-6-1666 to Meeuwis Corsz.
  8. Commertje Bastiaans was born around 1625. She was married to Leendert Ariens Boender, Carel Pieters and Jan Claasse van Dalen. She lived in Numansdorp.
All these ancestors lived on the island known as "Hoeksche Waard" in the southwest of Holland.

19 Jul 2018

"Kaerle Vand, weaver of Baies, and Dionis his wiffe"

Flemings at Colchester in 1571:
  • Kaerle Vand [sic], weaver of Baies, borne in Flaunders, of the age of xxxviij yeares, is no denizen, and hath continued in England vi yeares, and of an honest conversation.
  • Dionis, his wiffe, borne in Flaunders, of the age of xxxvij yeares.
  • John, his sonne, borne in Flaunders, of the age of xiiij yeares.
  • Chrystine, his daughter, of the age of xii yeares.
  • Katherine, his second daughter, of the age of ix yeares.
  • Jacomine, his third daughter, of the age of ij yeares; all borne in Flaunders.
Source: Register of baptisms in the Dutch Church at Colchester from 1645 to 1728.

9 Jul 2018

Anna Maris (1839-1900) moved to the USA

Anna Maris was born on May 6, 1839, in the township of Fijnaart en Heijningen in Brabant, The Netherlands. Her parents were Arie Maris (1801-1865) and Cornelia Maris (1805-1863) who were both great-grandchildren of Jan Jans Maris and Francijna Bom as the diagram below shows.

   Jan Jans Maris
Jacobus Maris
Arij Maris
Pieter Maris
Cornelis Maris
Arie Maris
× Cornelia Maris
Anna Maris

Anna Maris was married on October 23, 1862, in Fijnaart en Heijningen to Leendert van Dis. He was born on December 12, 1827, in Willemstad, Brabant, The Netherlands, as son of Cornelis Johannes van Dis and Ariena Heijltje Sonneveld. The couple had 4 daughters. One of these, Adriana Tanneke van Dis (1867-1882), died at the age of 14. The names of their other daughters were Arina Heijltje, Cornelia and Machteltje Maria van Dis.

De Volksvriend, 3-3-1887
Spring 1887 the couple and their 3 remaining daughters traveled to the United States. They settled in Orange County, Iowa. The P. Maris mentioned in the article above can't be Anna's brother; although he did have 3 children, he had been widowed in 1881, and died in 1888 Fijnaart en Heijningen.