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17 Dec 2015

Simon Naaktgeboren was lost at see in 1719

Simon Naaktgeboren was baptized on February 4, 1691, in Dubbeldam, The Netherlands. His parents, Bastiaan Cornelisz Naecktgeboren and Pieternelletje Cornelisse, were married in Dubbeldam on December 2, 1674. Simon was the youngest child of a family of 9.

a flute ship
Simon Naaktgeboren boarded the flute ship “Strijkebolle” on May 3, 1718, in Rammekens, Zeeland, The Netherlands. Simon’s task was to help with the food supplies and rationing. A journey could be prolonged by storm – or an absence of wind, so the food on board had to be insensitive to decay, like hardtack (hard dry biscuits), beer, bacon, beef in brine and grains. Scurvy (due to a lack of vitamin C), tuberculosis and rheumatism were the usual illnesses among sailors.

The ship "Strijkebolle" arrived at Cape Hope on August 24, leaving again on September 19. The ship, commanded by captain Jacob Blauw, reached its destination, Batavia (nowadays Jakarta in Indonesia), on November 26, 1718.

The flute schip “Slot van Kapelle” was build in 1717 in Rotterdam. It departed from Batavia on July 7, 1719. On August 14, 1719, the ship on voyage to Deshima, capsised in a storm and was lost, north of the Taiwan Strait. Only 17 survived. She was in company of the ships Catharina and Meeroog; those were lost, too.