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18 Jun 2015

Mary Stuart married Willem de Clercq on June 18, 1647

Mary Stuart was baptized in Haamstede, The Netherlands, on December 11, 1624. Her parents were Jacob Stuart and his 2nd wife, Maaiken Jans Boenaert. Mary and her brother Johannes (1617-1695) were the only 2 children of Jacob Stuart to survive infancy.

This Stuart family was supposedly descended from an Archibald Stuart who had been herald at the court of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. Archibald's supposed son Jacob Stuart  (±1554-1622) left St. Andrews, Scotland, for Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands. He married 3 times and left many descendants.

On June 18, 1647, in Zierikzee, The Netherlands, Mary Stuart married Willem de Clercq (±1620-1657), son of Lieven de Clercq and Maijken Imants. Willem was a resident of Poortambacht near Zierikzee. Mary Stuart died in Zierikzee in 1656.


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