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30 Nov 2021

A Bos family with German roots

Pastry baker Hoot Onno Bos (25) and Klazina Stikker (21) were married on 16 June 1888 in Nieuwolda in the northeastern part of The Netherlands.
Klazina was born on 30 July 1866 in Oterdum near Delfzijl. Her parents are Pieter Stikker (1820-1886) and Engelina Nap (1847-1901).
Hoot Onno Bos was born on 2 August 1862 in Nieuwolda. His parents are Hindrik Bos (1826-1874) and Grietje Westerhuis (1824-1886). His paternal grandparents are Grietje Freerks Vos and Christoffer (“Stoffer Koerts”) Bos. Christoffel originated in Kappel in Germany.

Hoot Onno Bos and Klazina Stikker are the parents of

  1. Engelina, born on 3 June 1889 in Groningen, died there on 15 April 1890.
  2. Hindrik, born on 21 Septrmrt 1890 in Groningen. In 1937 Hindrik was living in Leibzig in Germany.
  3. Engelina Grietje, born on 24 June 1894 in Groningen.

In 1913 Hoot Onno Bos, his wife and 2 surviving children were living in The Hague in Holland. In 1925 they moved to Leiden in Holland.

Hoot Onno Bos died at the age of 74 on 11 June 1937 in Leiden. He was buried there on the 14th. His widow, Klazina Stikker, died at the age of 81 on 20 August 1947 in Geneva, Switzerland. Her sister Maria had a small obituary placed in a newspaper.

Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, 12-6-1937 Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, 28-8-1947


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18 Nov 2021

Intermarriage in the Nijpels & Nijst families

Wine merchant Johannes Matthias (“Jean Mathieu”) Nijpels was married in Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands, on 26 January 1809. His bride was Eleonora (“Eléonore”) Nijst, born in Octber 1788 in Maastricht. Her parents are Laurentius Nijst (1761-1852) and Marie Ludgardis Nijpels (1763-1821). Eléonore’s grandparents are Joannes Nijst, Anne Gertrude Nijpels (±1715-1807), Henri Laurent Nijpels (1736-1800) and Maria Gertrudis Nijst. The Nijpels and Nijst families were clearly closely related.
The groom, Johannes Matthias, was born on 21 April 1788 in Maastricht. His parents are Théodore Nijpels (1758-1810) and Anne Marie Tixon (1753-1835). His paternal grandparents are Mathias Joseph Nijpels (1720-1781) and Marie Adelaide van Gulpen (1724-1807). His paternal great-grandparents are Laurentius Nijpels and Christina Nijst who were married on 3 April 1718 in Maastricht. 


Johannes Matthias and Eléonore had 7 children, and 4 of them reached adulthood:

  1. Jean Laurent Théophile Nijpels was born on 21-4-1809 in Maastricht. Jean died there on 20-12-1871, aged 62. Like his father, Jean was a wine merchant. He married Maria Elisabeth Cecilia Rochs (1811-1874) in 1833 in Maastricht. They had descendants in the female line.
  2. Josephine Lutgarde Theodorine Nijpels was born on 19-3-1811 in Maastricht. Josephine died 31-5-1866 in Brussels, Belgium, aged 55. Josephine had married Frederic Denis Sanders (1806-1846) in 1835 in Maastricht. Josephine was remarried in 1860 in Maastricht to widower Joannes Petrus Smits.
  3. Léopold Alfred Désiré Nijpels was born on 17-4-1825 in Maastricht. Leopold died there on 20-10-1902, aged 77. Leopold was a lawyer. He had married Maria Hubertina Clementina van Hoven (1827-1880) in 1847 in Maastricht. They had 9 children.
  4. Lutgarde Hortense Valerie Nijpels was born on 1-1-1828 in Maastricht. Lutgarde died there on 1-1-1909, aged 81. Lutgarde had married Joseph Hubert Polis (1826-1861) in 1851 in Maastricht.

Johannes Matthias suddenly passed away in the night of 15-16 October 1852, aged 64. His widow Eléonore survived him for 13 years, dying on 25 October 1865, also in Maastricht. They were both survived by the 4 children mentioned above.

Algemeen Handelsblad (newspaper), 25-10-1852

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25 Oct 2021

Adriana van der Koogh travelled to the USA with her 2 surviving kids

The Adriana van der Koogh in this story was born on 5 December 1814 in Dordrecht, Holland. Her parents are miller Jillis van der Koogh (1788-1877) and his wife Adriana de Leeuw (1789-1850). Adriana's paternel grandparents are miller Willem van der Koogh (1734-1809) and Sija Brand (±1758-1803). Adriana's 4 great-grandparents are all my ancestors, too.

Mills in Dordrecht

At the age of 23, Adriana van der Koogh was married on 12 September 1838 in Dordrecht to Andreas Bax. Andreas was born on 31 May 1815 in Dordrecht as son of Johannes Bax (1794-1833) and Elisabeth Littig (†1866) whose father originated in Knopshof, Germany.

While still living in The Netherlands, Adriana and Andreas had 7 children:

  1. Elizabeth was born on 22 April 1839 in Dordrecht and died on 22 Dec. 1848 in Rotterdam, aged 9.
  2. Jillis was born on 14 July 1841 in Dordrecht. He may have died in 1894.
  3. Johannes Adrianus was born on 1 Feb. 1844 in Dordrecht. He died in Rotterdam on 15 Sep. 1846, aged 2½.
  4. Adriana Johanna was born on 28 April 1846 in Rotterdam.
  5. Johanna was born on 15 July 1848 in Rotterdam. She died there on 22 Feb. 1850, aged 1½.
  6. Elizabeth was born on 12 April 1851 in Rotterdam. She died in Dordrecht on 26 Sep. 1855, aged 4.
  7. Andreas was born on 10 July 1853 in Rotterdam. He died in Dordrecht on 27 Sep. 1855, aged 2.

At first Adriana and Andreas were living in Dordrecht. Around 1845 they moved to Rotterdam. In October 1855 the whole family returned to Dordrecht. In September 1855 their 2 youngest children died, likely as a result of a contagious disease. Both in Rotterdam and Dordrecht Andreas Bax was working as a tailor.

In 1856 Adriana van der Koogh and her 2 remaining children Jilles (13) and Adriana (10) boarded ship and traveled from Hellevoetsluis - near Rotterdam - to New York. Her husband had likely already crossed the ocean, because I can't find any death date for him in The Netherlands.

Newspaper "De Sheboygan Nieuwsbode", 20-5-1856


13 Oct 2021

Keep it in the Goossens family!

Martinus Goossens and his German wife Anna Catharina Görts (also: Geurts) * had 8 children, but 3 of them died young. Anna Catharina was born around 1749 in Dülcken in Germany. Her parents are Johan Antoon Görtz and Helena Syben. Martinus was baptized on 23 February 1750 in Venlo in The Netherlands. His parents are Antoon Goossens and Maria van Daelen (1717-1785). Martinus Goossens died on 30 October 1819 in Venlo, aged 69.

De Borman
family coat of arms

On 9 September 1819 in Bree in Belgium his son Petrus Jacobus had married Maria Anna Alexandrina de Borman. Petrus Jacobus was baptized on 12 November 1790 in Venlo. Maria Anna was baptized on 24 December 1793 in Maastricht. Her parents are Jacobus Frederic Franciscus de Borman and his wife Maria Margaretha. Jacob Frederic was either born on baptized on 27 August 1761 in Maaseik in Belgium. His parents are François-Adrien de Borman (1732-1785) and Maria Jacqueline Angeline Coomans (1729-1816).

Maria Anna’s elder sister Maria Elisabeth Francisca de Borman was born or baptized on 27 February 1792 in Mheer in The Netherlands. She was married in 1822 in Bree. Maria Elisabeth’s groom was the youngest brother of Petrus Jacobus, Matthijs Ferdinand Goossens. He was baptized on 21 October 1791 in Venlo.

Petrus Jacobus Goossens and Maria Anna de Borman had 6 children, born in the period 1825-1837, and additionally they had some grandchildren. Matthijs Ferdinand Goossens and Elisabeth de Borman had 8 children, born in the period 1823-1838. Amongst them is August Theodoor Hubert Goossens (1838-1911) who is an ancestor – in the female line - of the Beltman family in Amersfoort.

Anna Catharina Görts, widow of Martinus Goossens, died on 13 February 1834 in Venlo. Elisabeth de Borman died at the age of 74 on 5 December 1866 in Venlo. Her widower, Matthijs Ferdinand Goossens, died on 28 December 1869 in Venlo, aged 78. Petrus Jacobus Goossens died on 30-3-1876 in Bree, aged 85. His widow, Maria Anna de Borman, died in Bree on 21 May 1877, aged 83.

De Tijd, 2-12-1869