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15 Mar 2023

Christiaan Erassemus Hollem of Bornholm married in Rotterdam

Christiaan Erassemus Hol(le)m was a young man, born on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. W(e)ijntje Snikkers was a young girl, baptised on 25 August 1748 in Dordrecht. Her parents, Jan Snikkers and Jannetje de Roth, were married in 1747. Wijntje had several younger siblings.
Christiaan and Wijntje were married in Rotterdam on 15 March 1772. The notice of their marriage had been on 28 February.

Christian Erassemus Hollem and Wijntje Snikker were married in 1772 in Rotterdam

Christiaan Erassemus Hollem and Wijntje Snikkers are the parents of
  1. Erasmus ("Rassemus") Holm was baptised on 25 December 1772 in Rotterdam with witnesses Jan Snikkers and Jannetje de Rot. In 1793 he married Margaretha Laziers who died on 28 August 1843 in Rotterdam, 69½ years old. Erasmus Holm died in Rotterdam on 21 November 1847, aged 75 years and 11 months.
  2. Jannetje Holm was baptised on 16 January 1776 in Rotterdam with witnesses Jan Snikkers and Jannetje de Rot. Jannetje died on 8 June 1822 in Rotterdam, aged 56.
  3. Johannes Holm was baptised on 19 March 1780 in Rotterdam with witnesses Jannetje de Ro(o)t and Jan Snikkers. Aged 50 years, 2 months and 27 days, "Jan" Holm died on 12 June 1830 in Rotterdam.
  4. Christina Holm was baptised on 25 January 1784 in the Zuiderkerk church in Rotterdam with witness Jannetje Rot. Christina Holm married Jurrie Janse Kant on 14 July 1819 in Rotterdam. He originated in Leer in Ostfriesland in Germany. At the age of 42, Christina married 30-year-old Antonius Joannes Sanders on 8 November 1826 in Rotterdam.

On 3 October 1796 in Rotterdam Wijntje de Rot was a witness at the baptism of Cornelia, daughter of Alida Giesestijn and Cornelis Snikkers.
Wijntje Snikkers, widow of Christiaan Hollem, died on 15 April 1817 in Rotterdam, at the age of 70.


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9 Mar 2023

Alberto Zoppi (1856-1937) in Tilburg

Alberto Zoppi was born on 13 March 1856 in Broglio, Ticino, Switserland. His father, Giacomo Zoppi, had deserted his wife Marianna Tonini in 1867. He left for the USA, and they haven't heard from him since. In The Netherlands Alberto worked as a worked as a chimney sweep.

Alberto Zappi was born in Broglio in Switserland

At the age of 25, on 16 June 1881 in Zwolle, The Netherlands, Alberto Zoppi married 22-year-old Cornelia Vredeveld. She was born on on 1 April 1859 in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Her parents are carpenter Johannes Vredeveld an his wife Alberdiena Rientjes. At the time of her marriage, Cornelia’s mother was being nursed in an asylum for the insane in nearby Deventer.

Alberto's mother-in-law Alberdiena Rientjes was locked up in a mental institution

Alberto and Cornelia are the parents of 7 children:
  1. Maria Josephina Alberdina was born on 25 October 1881 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. On 23 January 1906 she married Gerardus Josephus van Berkel. He was born on 5 August 1882 and died on 24 Septeber 1955, both in Tilburg. His parents are Josephus Cornelis van Berkel and Elisabeth Chabot (1859-1887). The widowed Maria Josephina Alberdina died, at the age of 80, on 14 December 1961 in Tilburg. She had several children.
  2. Joannes Joseph Jacobus was born on 20 January 1883 in Tilburg, and died there on 29 February 1884.
  3. Alberdina Josephina Joanna was born on 25 October 1884 in Tilburg. At the age of 23, she was married there on 19 May 1908 to Sijmen Christiaan Oosterling. He was born 17 January 1879 in Utrecht, and die don 30 July 1932 in Tilburg, His parents are Sijmen Gerrit Oosterling and Catharina Maria de Champs. His widow died on 9 August 1966 in Dordrecht, aged 81. She had several children.
  4. Johannes Bernardus Maria was born on 3 April 1886 in Tilburg. He worked as a silversmith when he married his first wife Gijsberta Johanna Hendrika de Lucht on 6 November 1912 in Arnhem. She was born on 1 February 1884 in Arnhem as daughter of baker Andries de Lucht and his wife Wilhelmina Peer. With her Johannes had a daughter named Cornelia Elisabeth Anthonia Zoppi, born on 6 July 1913 in The Hague. Gijsberta de Lucht died - “after a long, patiently borne suffering” - on 12 December 1941, at the age of 57. Johannes was still living in The Hague, when he married 51-year-old Wilhelmina Kapsenberg in Rotterdam on 14 October 1942. Johannes Bernardus Maria died in Rotterdam on 1 April 1964, aged 77. On 30 January 1965 in The Hague, his widow Wilhelmina Kapsenberg died at the age of 73. She was born on 22 March 1891 in Rotterdam. Her parents are Pieter Cornelis Kapsenberg and Catharina Maria van Eijk.
  5. Severina Antonia Maria was born on 15 February 1888 in Tilburg. On 31 July 1918 in Princenhage, Brabant, The Netherlands, she married 30-year-old Ewald Joseph Dinslage. He was born on 21 March 1888 in Burscheid in Germany as son of Joseph Dinslage and Catharina Schmicht. He died, aged 71, on 30 August 1859 in Tilburg. Severina died there on 2 October 1973 at the age of 85. They had a son Alberto Joseph Ewaldus Dinslage (1920-1968).
  6. Albertus Johannes Maria was born on 6 November 1889 in Tilburg. He had was 1.60 m. tall, had brown eyes and a small nose when, at the age of 15, he was sentenced to 7 days in jail for theft. He was working as a shopkeeper when he married 41-year-old Maria Susanna Klein on 4 October 1923 in Amsterdam. She was the divorced wife of Josef Clemens since 10 November 1922. Albertus J.M. Zoppi died in 1969 in Amsterdam.
  7. Regina Antonia Joanna was born on 30 January 1894 in Tilburg. She was married there on 8 September 1919 to Franciscus Henricus Maria van der Wegen, son of Petrus Adrianus Josephus van der Wegen and Catharina Maria Bierens. Regina Antonia Joanna died with Christmas 1957, aged 63.
Albertus Johannes Maria Zoppi was sentenced to 7 days in jail for theft

Alberto Zoppi died from an apoplexy in Tilburg on 30 November 1937, at the age of 81. His widow Cornelia Vredeveld died, aged 86, on 31 January 1946 in Tilburg.


27 Feb 2023

Rebecca Kerkenring is the mother of Alida Kok, wife of Johan Hendrik Scheffers of Tecklenburg

Johan Hendrik Scheffers was born in Tecklenburg. His death certificate mentions parents, but the 'mother' mentioned was actually his mother-in-law*, so we don't have a clue about who his German parents were. 

Alida Kok and Johan Hendrik Scheffers were married in 1775 in Rotterdam

Johan Hendrik was living in the Vierwindestraat in Rotterdam when he married Alida Kok on 7 November 1775 in Rotterdam. She was baptised on 7 May 1747 in Rotterdam as daughter of Tieleman Kock and Rebecca Kerkenring who were married on 22 May 1741 in Rotterdam. The witness at Alida's baptism was an earlier Alijda Kock. She also witnessed the baptism of Alida's younger sister Teuna on 26 December 1751 in Rotterdam. Teuna and Alida had an elder sister named Reijmpje and brothers David, Jan, Jacob and Gerrit.
Alida's mother Rebekka Kerkenring was baptised on 31 August 1719 in Rotterdam as daughter of David Kerckering (†1729) and Reijmpje Stierman (1685-1733) with witnesses Jan Stolck and his wife Rebecka de Swart.
As a widower Tieleman Kok filed for marriage with the widow Cornelia Kient on 14 June 1768 in Cool (now part of Rotterdam).

Alida Kok and Johan Hendrik Scheffers are the parents of

  1. Johannes was baptised on 13 February 1776 in Rotterdam with witness Alida Cornelia Walravens. He may have died young, and may have been buried on 4 May 1776 in Rotterdam.
  2. Johannes was baptised on 6 July 1777 in the Zuiderkerk church in Rotterdam with witness Alida Cornelia Walravens.
  3. Alida was baptised on 4 June 1780 in the Zuiderkerk church in Rotterdam with witness Teuna Kock. Alida Scheffer married Nicolaas Pannekoek on 18 December 1811 in Rotterdam. Alida Scheffer died on 29 June 1852 in Rotterdam at the age of 72.

Hendrik Scheffers, husband of Alida Kok, died on 27 March 1816 in Rotterdam. Alida Kok, widow of Hendrik Scheffers, died on 17 February 1828 in Rotterdam, aged "81 years, 9 months and 12 days", but she was actually one year younger.

*Several websites on the Internet wrongly present his mother-in-law as his mother.

20 Feb 2023

Cornelis Pieter Hultgren married the same wife twice

Cornelis Pieter Hultgren was born on May 20, 1885, in Amsterdam as Cornelis Pieter van Gigh, illegitimate son of Kaatje van Gigh (1857-1911), daughter of Marcus van Gigh (1810-1883) and his wife Sara Cohen (1821-1896).
Kaatje van Gigh was hospitalised from December 6, 1894 until March 11, 1895. One child is mentioned in the register.

On March 30, 1904, in Rotterdam Kaatje van Gigh (46) married Sven Adolf Hultgren (47). At their wedding they acknowledged to be the parents of Kaatje's 18-year-old son Cornelis Pieter, although it is unlikely that Sven Adolf really was the boy’s natural father.
Sven Adolf Hultgren was born on August 18, 1856, in Karlshamm in Southern Sweden. His parents are Gustaf Adolf Hultgren and Helena Jonsson. Sven Adolf was a seafaring man, and at some point he disappeared from the lives of Kaatje and her son Cornelis Pieter.
Kaatje van Gigh was nursed in an insane asylum in Leyden in 1906 from December 10 until December 18. Kaatje was again admitted to the insane asylum in Leyden in 1908 from June 25 to July 6. Kaatje van Gigh died on August 5, 1911, in Poortugaal, Holland.

Newspaper snippet
Nederlandsche Staatscourant, 8-6-1929

In Schoten, Holland, on July 12, 1911, Cornelis Pieter Hultgren had married Vrouwtje Dapper. Vrouwtje was born on August 4, 1886, in Bovenkarspel, Holland. Her parents are Martje Evenhuis (1843-1905) and her husband Jacob Dapper (1849-1915).
After 5 years of marriage, Cornelis Pieter Hultgren and Vrouwtje Dapper had a daughter Cornelia Petronella Hultgren, born on November 27, 1916, in Amsterdam.

After nearly 18 years of marriage, the couple was divorced on July 8, 1929, in Haarlem.
The next year, on October 15, 1930, in Haarlem, Cornelis Pieter Hultgren and Vrouwtje Dapper were remarried. This second marriage ended in divorce – after 12 years of additional marriage - on December 19, 1952.

Cornelis Pieter Hultgren and Vrouwtje Dapper were remarried on October 15, 1930, in Haarlem

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