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22 Feb 2024

Descendants of Scotsman Henry Hope in Rotterdam

Henry Hope was born in Scotland around 1630 as son of an elder Henry Hope and Elizabeth Speir. Henry the younger married Ann Hope, born in 1634 as daughter of Sir John Thomasz. of Craighall and Margaret Murray. Henry Hope was mentioned in Rotterdam in 1664-1678. By 1692 Henry had died, but his widow Ann was still alive in 1694, and living in London.
Henry and Ann Hope had children Archibald, Margaret and Henry. Their son Archibald Hope was born in Rotterdam, and baptised in the Scottish Church on 7 December 1664. Archibald married Anna Claus (1675-1752), and had 7 children, including Henry, Thomas (1704-1779), Adriaan (1709-1781) and Zachary.  Archibald’s burial was registered on 8 April 1743 in Rotterdam.

Zachary Hope and Agatha van Vlierden were married on 24 August 1737 in Rotterdam
Archibald Hope

Zachary Hope and Agatha van Vlierden were married on 21 August 1737 in Rotterdam. The burial of Agatha van Vlierden was registered on 18 September 1747 in Rotterdam. She was survived by 3 minor children. The burial of Zachary Hope, widower of Maria van Vlierden, was registered on 21 March 1770 in Rotterdam. He was survived by 2 minor children, because by then his daughter Lucia had died, too.
Zachary and Agatha had the following children, baptised in either the Scottish Church in Rotterdam, or the English Presbyterian Church in Amsterdam, but all were born in Rotterdam:

  1. Archibald was born on 19 May 1739, and died on the 29th.
  2. Lucia was born on 4 February 1741, and died on 5 June 1765.
  3. Anna was born on 6 January 1743, and died on 1 October 1745.
  4. Agatha Maria was born on 30 December 1745. Agatha Maria died unmarried on 5 December 1805, and was buried on the 10th in Rotterdam.
  5. Archibald Hope was born on 31 August 1747. He was a merchant in Amsterdam. In 1776-1786 Archibald was director of the Dutch West India Company that was responsible for transporting slaves across the Atlantic Ocean. On 16 January 1774 in Amsterdam, Archibald married Magdelena Antonia van de Poll (1748-1808). In 1815 Archibald Hope was included in the Dutch Nobility. Archibald died in The Hague on 7 July 1821, at the age of 73.
's Gravenhaagsche Courant (newspaper), 11-7-1821

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13 Feb 2024

How to find the RSS feed URL for a blog (when it has one)

An RSS feed is a tool for helping people access content from your site. An RSS feed can list the articles on a website. You can read an RSS feed in an RSS Feed Reader. You can also use the feed to automatically tweet new blog posts to Twitter (X) by feeding the url to social media management tools like HootSuite, or

If you go to the URL for a website's RSS feed, you'll see the text of the .xml file, which social media management tools use to pull access your content. However, different websites use different locations and names for their RSS feed. This blog post will describe the RSS feed locations of some common blogging websites.


On a Blogger website, like this one, take the URL of the site, and add “feeds/posts/default” at the end of that URL. For my blog you can find the URL with
Additionly, Blogger has an additional feed for comments on posts:


The RSS URL for any SquareSpace page is
the URL including its page slug, followed by “?format=rss”.
Depending on whether the built-in domain is used or a custom domain, it will look like one of these:

Note: The RSS feeds of Squarepage page pull the 20 most recent blog posts.


Many websites are build with WordPress - even if they have a “normal” URL. To find a WordPress RSS Feed, add “/feed” to the end of the URL, for example
If an error message appears, the site has no feed, otherwise the RSS Feed will appear.


If a site is hosted on Medium, add “/feed/” before the publication's name.
So becomes


If a site is hosted on Tumblr, add “/rss” to the end of the URL. Like this:>

Further reading: How to find the RSS feed URL for almost any site by Zapier, How to Find an RSS Feed’s URL by, Using RSS feeds with SquareSpace.

5 Feb 2024

Explorer Daniёl David Vett (1850-1885) died in Africa

Daniёl David Vett was born on 17 February 1850 at the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. Daniёl’s father is dr. Pieter Johannes Veth (1814-1895), a professor at Leyden University, and the first Chairman of the Royal Netherlands Geographical Society (KNAG).
Daniёl’s mother is Anna Clara Elisabeth Büchler (1822-1865). Daniёl had an elder brother Huibert Johannes. Another brother, 14-year-old Cornelis Johannes Veth, died in 1870. In 1870 Daniёl was exempted from military service due to his poor eyesight. His elder brother Huibert had earlier been exmpted due to myopia.
Pieter Johannes Veth married his second wife, Henriette Gertruijda van der Koogh (1827-1898) on 27 December 1872 in Dordrecht. Her parents are the cousins Adrianus van der Koogh (±1796-1831) and Maria van der Koogh (1800-1875). Another son of his first marriage, Johannes Gerardus Vett, died in 1876 at the age of 18.

Daniёl David Vett
the explorer
Pieter Johannes Vett
the professor

Daniёl Vett studied engineering in Germany at the technical colleges in Hanover and Stuttgart. In 1877, Daniёl joined an expedition to Central Sumatra. He was responsible for photographs and mapping. In 1882 he visited Indonesia to take pictures for an exhibition.
In the fall of 1884, Daniёl led a Dutch expedition in the Portuguese colonies of southwest Africa. He succumbed to dysentery and “swamp fever” on 19 May 1885 on the shores of the Coporolo River, south of Benguela in Angola. Later Daniёl's body was recovered, and he was reburied in Dordrecht. In 1895 his father Pieter Johannes Vett was buried at the same cemetery.

Java-bode, 26-9-1885

In collaboration with a member of his son's expedition, Pieter Johannes Vett wrote a book about his son Daniёl’s travels in Angola.

Landbouw-courant, 9-10-1887

Daniёl's stepmother Henriette Gertruijda van der Koogh survived her husband by 3 years, and died in 1898.
Daniёl's elder brother Huibert Johannes Veth died on 10 August 1917 in The Hague, at the age of 71. In 1891 he had married J(oh)anna Petronella van Vlaanderen.

Algemeen Handelsblad, 23-8-1885

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