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10 Jun 2021

Longevity - Adrianus Roos (97)

When Adrianus Roos died on 12 December 1891 in Nieuw-Beijerland in Holland, he had reached the age of 97 years and 3½ months. Adrianus Roos had survived both his wives and 12 of his 15 children. 

Nieuwsblad gewijd aan de belangen van de Hoeksche Waard en IJselmonde, 16-12-1891

Adrianus Roos was born on 31 August 1794 in Heinenoord in Holland, and baptized there on 7 September with as witness his maternal grandmother Catharijna de Jong (±1728-1806). Adrianus' parents are Arie Roos (1766-1840) and Hermina Stolk (1762-1839). It seems that Adrianus' only sister Annigje and youngest brother Pieter both died young. His other siblings were Arie Roos (1789-1857), Jan Roos (1792-1838), Leendert Roos (1796-1872) and Gerrit Roos (1800-1832).

On 8 February 1818 in Nieuw-Beijerland Adrianus Roos married Aartje Klootwijk. Aartje was born on 17 April 1794 in Heinenoord. Her parents are Annigje Groen and Gerrit Klootwijk. Gerrit is a male-line descendant of my ancestor Aert Crijnensz. who lived around 1600.
Aartje endured 15 pregnancies. Tree children were death at birth. Tree sons, all named Gerrit, died as a baby, a fourth Gerrit died at the age of 13, while a daughter named Grietje died at the age of 1. Their other children were Annigje (69), Arij (81), Hermijna (68), Gerritje (36), Pieter (63), Elisabeth (80) and Janna (25).

On 3 July 1856 in Nieuw-Beijerland 61-year-old widower Adrianus Roos was married to 48-year-old Adriaantje van der Weijden, widow of Barend Willem Klijnsmit (1805-1847) and mother of several children. Adriaantje was born on 29 November 1807 in Nieuw-Beijerland. Her parents are Dirk van der Weijden (1769-1817) and Pietertje de Bruin (1775-1850).
After nearly 30 years of marriage, Adriaantje died in Nieuw-Beijerland on 5 February 1886, aged 78. At that time only his children Hermijna (1827-1895), Pieter (1830-1893), Elisabeth (1839-1919) and Janna (1842-1867) were still alive.

Sources:, Baptisms in 18th-century Zuid-Holland,

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26 May 2021

The illegitimate children of Margrieta de Groot (1804-66)

Margrieta de Groot was born on 29 September 1804 and baptised on 7 October in Streefkerk. Her parents are Willem de Groot (1764-1827) and his second wife Marrigje Potuit (1774-1842). Her father had 2 surviving children from his first marriage: Aart (1789-1854) and Ingje (1792-1849). Margrieta addionally had 3 younger siblings who grew to adulthood: Adriana (1810-1866), Cornelis (1812-1858) and Willemijntje (1815-1900).

Margrieta’s father died on 21 Febraury 1827 in Streefkerk, aged 62. On 22 December 1829 in Streefkerk Margrieta gave birth to an illegitimate son whom she named Willem after her father. Four years later, on 2 October 1832 in Streefkerk, Margrieta gave birth to another illegitimate son whom she named Daam after both a brother who had died young, and her paternal grandfather Daam Potuit.

On 23 December 1837 in Streefkerk Margrieta, aged 33, married Jan Eikelboom, aged 30. Jan was born on 16 September 1807 and baptised on 4 October in Alblasserdam. His parents are Willem Eijkelenboom (1758-1842) and Theuntje Brandwijk (1777-1823). With Jan Margrieta had 2 daughters who both died at the age of 1. Jan and his eldest daughter Teuntje both died on 17 September 1839 in Streefkerk. His younger daughter Marrigje died there on 11 January 1841. Margrieta’s mother, Marrigje Potuit, died on 12 April 1842 in Streefkerk, aged 67.

On 6 November 1841 in Streefkerk Margrieta, aged 37, married Leendert Groenendijk. He was born on 10 February 1798 and baptized on the 18th in Streefkerk. His parents are Klaas Groenedijk and Ariaantje de Haan. Leendert was widower of Johanna Hooijbouw (1780-1838) and had a daughter Adriaantje Groenendijk (1820-1887).
Leendert and Margarieta had 4 sons named Klaas and one son named Leendert but they all died before the age of 2.

On 14 October 1850 in Streefkerk Margrieta’s eldest son Willem de Groot died, aged 20. Her only surviving child was her second son Daam de Groot. Daam was married on 19 January 1867 in Streefkerk to Meintje Kwakernaak (1833-1911), a daughter of Wouter Kwakernaak and Martijntje Bouwman. Of their children the daughters Margrietha Adriana and Willemijntje survived to adulthood.

Daam de Groot did military service from 1854 to 1859.

17 May 2021


The female first name Dingena or “Digna” is related to the Latin word “dignum” with the meaning “worthy”.

The first Dingena in this line was also known as “Digna”. She was baptized on 12-4-1733 in Loon op Zand, Brabant, as daughter of Michiel Hommel and Jacomijn or Heremijn de Geus (†1777). She had a sister named Hermijna Hommel (1735-1819).
On 11-5-1756 in Loon op Zand, Dingena Hommel married Dirk van der Leij. Dirk was baptized on 17-10-1730 in Loon op Zand as son of Wouter van der Leij and Theodora de Rooij. Dingena died on 27-12-1802, and her burial in Loon op Zand was recorded on 3-1-1803.
Among Dingena's children were Dingena van der Leij and Wouter van der Leij (1756-1826). Wouter was married in 1788 to Geertruij van Diemen (1759-1804). The eldest of their 11 children was Dingena van der Leij.

Dingena van der Leij was baptized on 26-10-1788 in 's-Grevelduin-Capelle in Brabant. She was married in Loon op Zand on 4-10-1807 to Hendrik Dekkers (1784-1865), son of Adriaan Dekkers (1751-1828) and Teuntje Leempoel (1756-1830). One of their youngest children was Dingena Dekkers.

Dingena Dekkers was born on 27-11-1820 in Loon op Zand. She was married there on 28-4-1844 to Eland Nieuwenhuizen (1820-1890), son of Hendrik Nieuwenhuizen. Dingena died on 4-2-1827 in Loon op Zand. One of her children was Dingena Nieuwenhuizen.

Dingena Nieuwenhuizen was born on 15-4-1851 in Loon op Zand. She was married twice.
Dingena married her first husband Adriaan Werther on 14-10-1875 in Loon op Zand. He was born in Sprang on 23-9-1840. They had daughters named Hendrika and Dingena Pieternella. Their sons Eland and Adriaan both died young. Adriaan Werther died on 16-5-1878 in Loon op Zand.
Dingena married her second husband Pieter de Rooij (1853-1908) on 9-8-1889 in Loon op Zand. Pieter was born on 18-4-1853 in 's-Grevelduin-Capelle as eldest son of Gerrit de Rooij (1822-1882) and Pieternella Rosenbrand (1822-1887). In her second marriage Dingena had 4 children; Gerrit Pieter (1890-1959), the twins Eland and Pieter who both died as babies, and another Pieter, who died as a teenager.
Dingena van Nieuwenhuizen died on 11-8-1904 in 's-Grevelduin-Capelle, aged 53. Her widower, Pieter de Rooij, died there on 21-2-1908, aged 54.

Loon op Zand
van der Leij
van der Leij
    Dingena Pieternella    

4 May 2021

Johannes George Vrolijk (1920-43) in WWII

Johannes George Vrolijk
Johannes George Vrolijk was executed in the Tegel area of Berlin, Germany, on 4 June 1943, aged 23. He had been part of a World War II resistance group known as the "Strijkelgroep". In the spring of 1941, 47 men and women of this group were arrested by the Nazi's. Johannes George Vrolijk was one of the 32 people executed on 4 June 1943. The others were send to prison camps. Just 3 women and 1 man of the group survived the horrors of the German concentration camps.

Johannes George Vrolijk was born on 30 April 1920 in Zwijndrecht, Holland, as eldest son of Johannes George Vrolijk (1888-1983) and his wife Baartje den Hoed. His paternal grandparents were Johannes George Vrolijk (1862-1949) and Neeltje Bos (1860-1936). Neeltje is a granddaughter of my ancestor Cent Leenderts Bos (±1787-1869). In the paternal line Johannes George Vrolijk descends from a Jakob Fröhlich of German origin.