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20 Jun 2014


Born in London, Sir Ernest George (1839-1922) was an English architect, landscape and architectural watercolour painter, and etcher. He studied art and architecture at the Royal Academy Schools, and created his 1st set of etchings in 1873. He was a full member of the Royal Society of Etchers and Engravers (1881), the Royal British Artists (1889) and the prestigious Royal Academy (1917). Ernest George was also knighted for his contributions to art and architecture in 1912.

Dordrecht around 1880 by Ernest George

Around 1880 Ernest George made the sketch above of a canal in the city of Dordrecht (historically in English named "Dort"). Dordrecht is a town in The Netherlands in the province of South Holland on the Merwede river on an island separated from the mainland by an inundation in 1421. Dordrecht was founded in 1018 by Count Dietrich III of Holland. Dordrecht was granted city rights by Count William I of Holland, in 1220.
In the 12th and 13th centuries, Dordrecht developed into an important market city because of its strategic location. It traded primarily in wine, wood and cereals. Dordrecht was made even more important when it was given staple right in 1299 that required merchant barges or ships to unload their goods at the port, and display them for sale. In the 18th century, the importance of Dordrecht began to wane, and Rotterdam became the main city in the region.