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20 Dec 2018

Wilhelm Heinrich Fiegenbaum - from Tecklenburg to Rotterdam

In the 18th century, several men with the surname Vijgeboom were living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. When marrying, their place as origin was given as Ladbergen in the Tecklenburg area in Germany. Two of them were named Willem Hendrik and Jan Dirk.

When Willem Hendrik Vijgeboom died on 21 November 1804 in Rotterdam-Cool, he was described as being 70 years and 3 months old. His body was transported to Rotterdam on the 24th. He was buried in Rotterdam on the 26th. The website features a Wilhelm Heinrich Fiegenbaum, born or baptized on 24-9-1734 in Ladbergen as the eldest son of Anna Elisabeth Fiegenbaum (1711-1770) and Hermann Wiethoff (1758). This couple's 11 children used thier mother's surname. 
Wilhelm Heinrich had a younger brother Johann Diederich Fiegenbaum, born or baptized on 12-10-1738 in Ladbergen. He must be the Jan Dirk Vijgeboom, father of Adolf Vijgeboom (1767-1823) and Johann Wilhelm (Jan Willem”) Vijgeboom (1773-1845). Another son was Herman Hendrik Vijgeboom (1763-1822) who married his cousin Elisabeth Vijgeboom (1761-1827), a daughter of Wilhelm Heinrich Fiegenbaum aka Willem Hendrik Vijgeboom, the main subject of this post.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Willem Hendrik Vijgeboom was firstly married in 1761 in Rotterdam to Catharina (Katrina”) Goudtfijn and they had 3 daughters: Elisabeth, Hendrina and Johanna. Willem Hendrik was married secondly in 1772 in Capelle aan de IJssel in Holland to Adriana Kampsteeg (1740-1813). They had additional 5 children including a son named Johannes Diederik Willem Vijgeboom who was baptized on 7 July 1782 in Rotterdam. He was to live in Bergen op Zoom and Goes where he died on 12 December 1815.

Tecklenburg, Germany

10 Dec 2018

Longevity ~ Kniertje Verschoor (90) in Heinenoord, Holland

Kniertje Verschoor was 90 years and 5 months old, when she died on 22 August 1893 in Heinenoord, South-Holland, The Netherlands. Kniertje was born there on 20 March 1803 as a younger daughter of Gerrit Verschoor, whose ancestors originated in Charlois (now part of the city of Rotterdam), and Lijntje Weda, who originated in nearby West-IJsselmonde. 

On 23 December 1824 around 13:00 in Heinenoord Kniertje Verschoor gave birth to an illegitimate son she named Leendert. The baby may have been named after its unknown father. The next day the midwife, 64-year-old Ida Bouwens, reported the birth to the authorities. At the age of 1, the baby died in Heinenoord on 23 April 1826. 

At the age of 26, Kniertje Verschoor was married on 23 September 1829 in Heinenoord. Her groom was Arij Dekker (1801-1882), son of another Arij Dekker (1765-1812) and his wife Jannigje, a daughter of Mozes Vollaart. As a married woman Kniertje had 10 additional children: Lijntje, Jannigje (1833-71), Gerritje (1835-59), 2 sons named Arij, Gerrit (1838-39), Geertrui, and 2 daughters named Magdalena. Their younger son Arij Verschoor (1839-1921) married and had issue, too.