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15 Nov 2016

Tuesday's Tip - Check The Women's Ages

The genealogical software I use, Aldfaer, can produce a report showing the women in my genealogical file who gave birth to a child above the age of 44. With approximately 4150 ancestors in my file, it produced a list of 99 women.

What caused those - likely erroneous - ages?
  • Often the cause was that the woman's baptism was missing in the records, leading to a bad guess for the birth year, that could simply be improved to a more likely birth year.
  • A few times I had made typos - causing the birth year 10 years earlier than it actually was.
  • In another case I had to remove the parents: not only was the birth too early, but the children's names didn't match the grandparent's names either, nor was the source a reliable one.