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14 Mar 2014

Maria Vogelpols would never marry Willem Vermeulen

The first banns of marriage for Willem Janse Vermeulen and Maria Vogelpols ware proclaimed on September 9, 1719, in Moerkapelle in Holland: 

"Willem Janse Vermeulen, j.m. van Linden uit graafschap Tekkelenburg
met Maria Vogelpols, j.d. van Tekkelenburg, won. alhier".

Willem was a young man from the county of Tecklenburg in Germany and Maria was a young woman from the city of Tecklenburg in Germany. Alas, they were never married, because Maria fell ill and died:   

"Dewijl de bruid onder de voorstellingen gestorven is,
heeft de voltrekking van 't huwelijck geen voortgang gehad".

A family named Vogelpohl baptised children in Tecklenburg in Germany, so that may have been Maria's real surname.  

City of Teckenburg in Germany

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