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4 Mar 2014

Mathias Heesen (1748-1810) from Reurdt in Germany

Mathias Heesen from "Prussia" (=Germany) married in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, on May 20, 1781 Johanna (Sophia) Klettenberg. Mathias may have been baptized on July 22, 1748 in Reurdt near Geldern in Germany, as son of Jochim Heesen and Aleijdis Franszen Smit. This couple was married on November 2, 1741 in Reurdt, Germany. Mathias and his wife Johanna Sophia had 2 daughters: Maria and Christina, both baptized in Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands. Johanna Sophia died on September 28, 1795 in Zuid-Beijerland.

The widower Mathias Heesen was married on February 13, 1797 in Zuid-Beijerland to Geertruij Creutz from Spellen near Wesel in Germany. Geertruij was the widow of a Cornelis Heijstek with whom she had had 2 children: Lijsbet and Antonius. Mathias and Geertruij subsequently had an additional 5 children: Hendricus, Maria, Anna, Matthijs and Cornelis. Cornelis was born on August 20, 1808 in Rhoon, The Netherlands. He married and became the ancestor of my nephew Thom Bos. Cornelis died in Rhoon on August 20, 1890.

Mathias Heesen died on August 13, 1810 in Rhoon, when his youngest son Cornelis was not yet 2 years old. His widow Geertruij Creuts died on December 9, 1831 in Rhoon.


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