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26 Aug 2014

Twins: Jan & Sijtie Droogendijck were baptized on 27-08-1676

Pieter Huigensz Droogendijck married his wife Maria Jans in February 1666 in Simonshaven in Holland: 

 Pieter Huijge Droogendijck married Maria Jans in February 1666 in Simonshaven.

Their first son, Huijgh, named after Pieter's father, was born soon after their marriage, but he died young. Eight more children were to follow. Among their children was a twin: Jan and Sijtie were baptized on August 27, 1676:

Baptism of a Droogendijk twin on 27-08-1676 in Simonshaven
The Twins Jan & Sijtie Droogendijck were baptized on 27-08-1676 in Simonshaven.

Around 1678 the couple moved to nearby Zuidland. Their daughter Lijsbeth was baptized there on October 8, 1679. On December 8, 1700 Lijsbeth married Pieter Geenen who lived in Strompolder in the vicinity of Ouderkerk aan de IJssel. Their granddaughter Neeltje Geenen Bakker was the grandmother of  Genis Brand (1802-1844), who was de grandfather of another Genis Brand (1857-1930), who was the grandfather of one of my great-uncles  Genis "Geen" Klootwijk (1905-1991) in Wieldrecht. 

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