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11 Feb 2017

Neeltje den Otter (1784-1847) & Willem Nanetter

Neeltje den Otter was baptized on June 20, 1784, in Strijen, Holland, The Netherlands. Her parents were Cornelis den Otter (1754-1823) and Mensje Kamp. Neeltje was aged 25 and living in nearby Maasdam when she was married there on September 23, 1810. The groom was Willem Nanetter, who was living in nearby Sint Anthoniepolder. Willem was born around 1782 in Dietz in the County of Nassau in Germany. 

Notice of marriage for Neeltje den Otter in Sint Anthoniepolder, dated September 8, 1810.

In the period 1812-27 Neeltje den Otter gave birth to ten children. Eight children died before the age of two: Willem (twice), Meinsje, Cornelis (twice), Maria (twice) and Andries Herman. The remaining two children, daughters Willempje (1814-1899) and Cornelia (1827-1909), were both married in Strijen and had issue.
Willem Nanetter died on September 19, 1827, in Sint Anthoniepolder. Neeltje den Otter died there on May 24, 1847. 

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