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25 Jan 2017

Hermanus Westervrolijk & Bartha van der Veen in 1760 - Wedding Wednesday

Hermanus Westervroolijk was born in Versmold, Germany. On January 30, 1760, in Breukelen, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Hermanus married Bartha van der Veen. At the time both were living in Breukelen. Bartha was baptised in Rijswijk, Holland, as a daughter of Dirk van der Veen and Henrica van Breukum. They were the parents of the following children: 
Brielle, Holland
  1. Elsje, born in Breukelen, Utrecht, married on Nov. 4, 1813, in Brielle, Holland, Arij Brouwer, born in Brielle as son of Pieter Brouwer and Maartje Groenenberg. They had a daughter named Maartje. Elsje died on Jan. 18, 1837, in Brielle, aged 75. 
  2. Hermanus, born in Breukelen in 1768, died on May 3, 1845, in Charlois, aged 76 years, 4 months, 1 week and 6 days.
  3. Dirk, born in Breukelen, living in Pernis, Holland, where he was married on August 2, 1794, to Johanna (Anna) Kok, born in Charlois as a daughter of Hermanus Kok and Maria van Zuijlen; Dirk & Anna lived in Pernis where she gave birth to the children Bartha (†1794), Bartha (†1795), Hermanus (1796-1823), Willem (1799-1801), Marinus (†1801) & Willem (1802-1887). At the baptism of his youngest child on Sept. 26, 1802, in Pernis, Dirk was absent due to an illness. On Oct. 15, 1802, Dirk was buried outside of the church of Pernis. His widow, Anna Kok, died on Oct. 19, 1840, in Katendrecht, Rotterdam. Their youngest son Willem had descendants.
  4. Hendrik, born in Breukelen, Utrecht, died on Sept. 3, 1827, in Charlois, Rotterdam, Holland, aged 53.
  5. Jacob, born in Breukelen around 1778, died on Feb. 1, 1846, in Charlois, aged 67.
On January 1, 1782, in Utrecht, widower Hermannus Westervrolijk remarried. His bride was Johanna Jurink, widow of Jan van Eldijk. Hermanus Westervrolijk was likely buried in Charlois on November 22, 1796. Johanna Junink, widow of Hermanus Westervrolijk, was buried in Charlois on April 22, 1811. At that time she had 5 children that were still alive.

Bronnen: G. Brouwer: Utrecht Prov. Gen., Digitale Stamboom

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