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22 Feb 2018

Pieter Koomans (1712-1770) married a teenager

On April 8, 1741, in Willemstad, Brabant, The Netherlands, Pieter Koomans (1712-70) was married to Ariaantje Pieters Burgers. They had 10 children baptized in nearby Fijnaart between 1740 and 1765. Among the witnesses at their children's baptisms were Tanneke and Francoisia, Ariaantje's sisters. Their parents were Pieter Burgers and Maijke Rollof, who were married on June 10, 1725, in Willemstad. That couple had their eldest daughter, Ariaantje, baptized on May 27, 1726, in Willemstad. So, at the day of her wedding Ariaantje was likely 14 years old. Even if she had been baptized more 7 weeks after her birth - that would have been an unusual long delay - Ariaantje would still have been only 15 years old at the time of her marrige. Ariaantje Burgers definitely was a teenager when she married.

At the time of their marriage Pieter Koomans was 28 years old. He was baptized on November 13, 1712, in Willemstad as the eldest son of Huijbrecht Koomans and his second wife, Elsje van den Berg. As usual Pieter Koomans and Ariaantje Burgers named their eldest surviving children after their parents: Elsje, Maaijke, Huijbert and Pieter. 

Pieter Koomans was buried on May 29, 1770, at the age of 57, leaving Ariaantje Burgers a widow at the age of 44. On May 3, 1777, in Fijnaart, Ariaantje was married to Pieter de Leeuw who was living near Fijnaart, and had not been married before. They were married for 5½ years. Ariaantje Burgers was buried on November 27, 1777, in Fijnaart, at the age of 51. 

One of Pieter's younger sons, Nicolaas Koomans (1753-1829) , was married four times, and the first three of his four wives had the surname Maris. Pieter's daughter Maaijke Koomans (1748-1822) was married to Huijbert Maris

As a widow Ariaantje Burgers married Pieter de Leeuw in 1772.

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