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8 Mar 2018

Kundertje Dijksman: teenage pregnancy & divorce in Delft, Holland

Friedrich Wilhelm Austmann was born in Soest in Germany. In The Netherlands he met Dirkje van Meel (1791-1873) and they were married in Zegwaard, Holland, on August 30, 1822. One of their children was Wilhelmina Frederika Austmann (1826-1908). On March 30, 1853, in Delft, Holland, she was married to Arij Dijksman (1829-1870) who belongs to a Dijksman family that originates in Hillegersberg, now part of Rotterdam, Holland.
Arij Dijksman and his wife had several sons who died in infancy, but their 3 daughters did survive. This post is about their third daughter, Kundertje Dijksman, who was born in Delft on March 8, 1866, around 23:00. Kundertje was aged 4 when her father died.

Delftsche Courant, March 18, 1883
One week after her 17th birthday Kundertje Dijksman - likely visibly pregnant - was engaged to be married to 19-year-old bargeman's mate Hendrik Martinus Cornelis de Raad. He was born in Delft on February 2, 1864, as the eldest son of Adriana Johanna Muller and her husband Evert de Raad (1834-1877). He had lost his father at the age of 13.

Kundertje's marriage took place on March 28, 1883, in Delft. Within two months her eldest daughter, Hendrica Martina Cornelia de Raad, was born on May 17 in Delft. Another daughter, Wilhelmina Frederika, was born there on January 21, 1885. By then Kundertje's marriage was probably already failing, for no more children were born. The marriage was dissolved by a court in The Hague on June 30, 1891. Kundertje was 25 years old and already divorced.

Delftsche Courant, October 16, 1891
Hendrik Martinus Cornelis de Raad was subsequently married to and divorced from Alberdina Akkerman, born in Groningen. In 1899 in The Hague he married his third and final wife, Pieternella de Winden. With her he had at least 7 more children. 

Meanwhile Kundertje Dijksman had been living at the Pieterstraat in Delft. There she gave birth to an illegitimate son named Adriaan on March 26, 1892. Adriaan was to die on April 19, 1894, aged 2. Five months after Adriaan's birth, Kundertje remarried. Her second husband was 23-year-old bargeman Johannes Hulst who had lost his father Adriaan in 1880. They were married on August 31, 1892, in Delft. 
With her second husband Kundertje had 8 additional children: Johannes (born in 1893), Maria, Dirkje Willemina, Arij, Kundertje Johanna, Adriana Wilhelmina Frederika, Johannes Wilhelmus and Wilhelmus (born in 1908). They were all living at the Pieterstraat in Delft.

Kundertje Dijksman witnessed the marriages of her two daughters from her first marriage in 1902 and 1906. Subsequently, they both had issue. Together with her second husband, Kundertje witnessed the marriages of their son Johannes junior in 1915 and their daughter Maria Hulst in 1916. Johannes junior and his wife Maria Anna Schouten also had a son named Johannes Hulst (1919-1961).

Delftsche Courant, April 7, 1917
Kundertje Dijksman died at home on April 5, 1917, around 01:00 A.M. Johannes Hulst married his second wife, Adriana Bos (1866-1940), on July 26, 1918, in Delft. Her first husband had died in 1911. In the following years more of Johannes' children with Kundertje were married and had issue.
Adriana Bos died on April 19, 1940, just before the outbreak of World War II. Johannes Hulst died during the war on January 31, 1944, around 00:45 A.M. in Delft.


Er is een Nederlandstalige versie van dit verhaal: Kundertje Dijksman.

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