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9 Jan 2019

How Geen Klootwijk descends from Geen Bakker

Genis is a quite unique first name among my ancestors. I can remember my great-uncle Genis Klootwijk at Tweede Tol, a tiny township south of Dordrecht. I descend from his sister Jannigje (“Jansje”) Klootwijk (1906-1965). They had eight other siblings of whom just one died young due to a spina bifida birth defect. Alas, none of those siblings named one of their sons Genis.
Still, in the 19th century the name Genis was repeatedly used within the Brand family of Dubbeldam.

This is how 20th-century Genis Klootwijk descends from 18th-century Geen Bakker:
  1. Genis (“Geen”) Klootwijk was born on 17-2-1905 in Dubbeldam. He died op 27-3-1991 in Dordrecht and was buried there op 22-4-1991. He was married, but his marriage remained childless.
  2. Adriana (“Adriaantje”) Klootwijk (1880-1965) was married in Dubbeldam in 1902 to Pieter Klootwijk (1895-1964). They had 10 children.
  3. Genis Brand was born on 11-10-1857 in Wieldrecht and died in Dubbeldam on 21-9-1930. He was married on 20-3-1879 in Dubbeldam to Jannigje van Houwelingen. She was born on 9-8-1857 in Steefkerk and die don 29-3-1936 in Dordrecht. They had 11 children.
  4. Arij Brand (1827-1891) was married in 1852 in Wieldrecht to Adriana Aaldijk (1832-1874). They had 13 children. 
  5. Genis Brand was born on 18-2-1802 and baptized on the 21th in Dubbeldam. He was an agrarian living in a farm at the Wieldrechtsche Zeedijk in Dubbeldam. Genis died in Dubbeldam on 21-3-1844. He was married on 31-5-1823 in Dubbeldam to Willemijntje Booij. She was born on 21-3-1800, baptized on the 30th in Dubbeldam, and died on 29-5-1878 in Dubbeldam. They had 8 children. 
  6. Leijsje Cornelisse Koorneef (1777-1841) was married in 1797 in Dubbeldam to Arij Huijgen Brand (1766-1837). They had 9 children.
  7. Neeltje Geenen Bakker was married in 1774 in Dubbeldam to Cornelis Danielsz. Koorneef.
  8. Geen Pieterse Bakker was baptized on 13-10-1709 in Ouderkerk aan den IJssel. He was married on 29-6-1732 in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht to Lijsje Jansse Wens. She was baptized in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht on 23-5-1706. 
  9. Pieter Geenen was born in Stormpolder. He was married on 2-12-1700 in Zuidland to Lijsbeth Pieterse Droogendijck. She wase baptized on 8-10-1679 in Zuidland.
They were all living in Holland.

Geen Pieterse Bakker was so poor he didn't have to pay for his marriage to Lijsbet Jans Wens.

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