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14 Oct 2014

Tuesday’s Tip - Add an image to your blog post!

When you take the effort to write a blog post about your ancestors, you want people to read it. A good way to get more exposure for your post is by always adding an image, because a blog post with an image can be pinned on Pinterest and shown on Rebelmouse

It doesn't have to be a fancy image. It can be an old map of the area. In winter you can add a nice local winter landscape. Maybe you can show a small object mentioned in the post. You can always add a small image with flowers. A nice way to create an image matching a specific post is to use Tagxedo to create a matching word cloud picture. 

These are some examples: 

A Tagxedo Word Cloud

An old map of the area

A small flowery image

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  1. now requires images to have a size of 300 x 400 pixels


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