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10 May 2015

Jacob van Os in Cape Town around 1700

Jacob van Os was baptized on 23-7-1686 in Rotterdam. His baptism was witnessed by Sara Claes. His parents were Casper Jacobse van Os and Claessie Jans van Leeuwen.

When Caspar and Claessie were married in the winter of 1677-78 in Rotterdam, Claessie was a widow. She had a son Isaack from her earlier marriage to Pieter Cornelisz Groen whom Claessie had married in the winter of 1664-65 in Rotterdam. Witnesses to Isaack’s baptism on 3-11-1666 in Rotterdam were Jan Isackx van Leeuwen and Sara Claes. They were Claessie’s parents and had been married on 8-10-1641 in Rotterdam. Sara Claes was a widow of Louris Jansse van Ceulen, whom she had married on 16-12-1636 in Rotterdam.


Jacob van Os departed on 10-5-1712 from Rotterdam as a sailor on the ship "Huis ten Donk", build in 1711 in Rotterdam with a length of 130 voet (9 meters). The ship docked on February 17, 1713, in Cape Town. On April 3 the ship continued its voyage to Batavia in Indonesia, arriving there on July 4, 1713. I can’t trace Jacob van Os in any other voyages for the Dutch East India Company. 

Jacob van Os married on September 8, 1717, in Cape Town, Johanna ("Jannetje") Grison, widow of Adriaan Smuts. The Cape Munster Roll, compiled on 31st December 1712, contained the Free Settlers Adriaan Smuts & Johanna Grison. They had 3 children baptised in Cape Hope: Michiel, Neeltje and Antonij Smuts.

These are the children Jacob van Os and Jannetje Grison had baptised in Cape Town:
  • Cornelia, baptised on July 13, 1716, witnesses: Pieter Grison & Catharina Smits.
  • Caspar, baptised on February or March 12, 1719, witnesses: Hermanus Smuts & Johanna Best.
  • Neeltje, baptised on February 2, 1721, witnesses: Pieter Grison & Neeltje Andriesz. Neeltje married Johannes Mostert Ernstz., and had a son Jacobus baptised on April 12, 1744, with witnesses Jacobus van Os and Johanna Grison.
  • Isaac, baptised on February 14, 1723, witnesses; Isaac Groen & Claasje Jansz van Leeuwen (Jacob's mother).
  • Claasje, baptised on February 4, 1725, witnesses: Johannes Arnoldus Roodenwalt & Jannetje Visser.
  • Anthonij, baptised on August 4, 1726, witnesses: Hermannus Smuts & Johanna Best.
  • Isaac, baptised on November 2, 1727.
  • Claajse Sara, baptised on January 9, 1729, witnesses: Hermannus Smuts & Johanna Best.

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