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28 Sep 2015

The Kots Family in Maurice

Farmer Gerrit Jan Kots (31) and maid Hendrika Hane (21) were married on May 28, 1858, in Aalten, The Netherlands. Gerrit Jan Kots was a son of Engelbarts Kots and Dora Geerdes. Hendrika Hane was a daughter of Joannes Christiaan Hane and Janna Willemina Gerritsen.

They took up residence in Barlo near Aalten. There, Hendrika Hane gave birth to their children: 
  • Jan Berend, born on September 13, 1859, 
  • Dora Willemina, born on September 28, 1861,
  • Hendrik Jan, born on February 15, 1866, 
  • Engelina Berendina, born on February 7, 1869,
  • Tonia, born on February 17, 1871,
  • Willemina, born on March 31, 1874,
  • Johannes, born on July 25, 1878, died on April 19, 1879,
  • Johanna, born on April 9, 1880. 

The family moved to Maurice, Iowa. Newspaper "De Volksvriend" mentioned their daughter Tonia Kots on December 7, 1893, as being ill. "De Volksvriend" mentioned G.J. Kots on March 30, 1893, when he travelled to Pella to be treated for cancer. He died on April 4, 1896.

De Volksvriend, 9-4-1896


  1. Hi Joan,
    What is your connection to this family? Engelbarts Kots and Dora Geerdes are my 4th great-grandparents. Their daughter Hendrika Willemina Kots, sister to this emigrant Gerrit Jan, is my 3rd great-grandmother.

  2. They are no relations of mine. I was looking for the "De Haan" name, when I stubled upon this story.


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