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30 Jan 2016

Surname Saturday - Van Driel (2)

Cornelia Petronella Maria van Driel was born on August 13, 1841, in Puttershoek, Holland. Her parents, Arie van Driel (1797-1874) and Adriana van Hattem (±1805-1885), were first cousins; both were grandchildren of Jan Jans van Driel and Ariana Rosmolen.

Cornelia Petronella Maria van Driel
Cornelia Petronella Maria van Driel was married on July 2, 1868, in Puttershoek. Her husband, Cornelis van Wageningen, son of Florent van Wageningen, was born in Dordrecht, Holland. One of their sons, Gerardus Adrianus van Wageningen, obtained a divorce on October 22, 1925, at the court in Arnhem.

Van Driel is a toponymic surname, derived from a town named Driel, situated southwest of Arnhem on the south bank of the river Rhine in The Netherlands. Multiple non-related families “Van Driel” exist in The Netherlands.

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