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23 Feb 2016

Tuesday's Tip - Latin Term - Nomine Uxoris

When doing genealogical research, you may - once in a while - stumble upon some words of Latin. For centuries, the church provided for baptisms and burials, and Latin has been the standard for the Roman Catholic liturgy since the 6th century. In this "Latin Term" Series I try to explain some Latin Terms that can be found in genealogical documents.

The Latin Term Nomine Uxoris ("in the name of the wife") is a term, used in The Netherlands in the early modern period (15th to 19th century), when a woman's belongings were registered in the name of her husband.

At that time a married woman was basically regarded as incapacitated - with her husband acting as her guardian. In the case of insanity or prolonged absence of the husband, however, his wife could - with the consent of her husband - act on her own.

Upon the death of a spouse, the children used to inherit from their deceased parent, but the

widow(er) was allowed the fruition of the inheritance as lang as (s)he lived.

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