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3 Jun 2016

De Vooijs of Holland

Pieter Pietersz de Voois originated from Woerden, Utrecht, The Netherlands. He was married in Rotterdam, Holland, on May 28, 1708, to Neeltje Frederiks Schenkers. Both were living at the Banketstraat in Rotterdam. 
They had their children baptized in Rotterdam:
  1. Lijsbeth de Vooijs was christened on September 21, 1710. She died young. 
  2. Pieter de Vooijs was christened on January 29, 1713, with witness Annitje Willems.
  3. Anna de Vooijs was christened on February 12, 1715. 
  4. Lijsbeth de Vooijs was christened on September 15, 1716, with witnesses Antie Willems & Marijtie Willems Verheem. She was married on October 25, 1746, to Mattheus Schaap. Their marriage remained childless. She was buried in Cool (now part of Rotterdam) on September 19, 1792, aged 76. Mattheus Schaap was died in Cool and was buried on October 12, 1795, aged 75 years old.
  5. Frederik de Vooijs was christened on April 25, 1719. He was married on August 1, 1747, in Rotterdam to Aertje Hendriks van der Kuijl, widow of Pieter Outraat. Aertje was a daughter of Hendrik Pleunen van der Kuijl and Lijsien Nannings van de Wal. Her christening was in Alblasserdam, Holland, on February 13, 1704. She was buried on March 10, 1783, in Rotterdam.
  6. Aaltjen de Vooijs was christened on January 22, 1722.
Pieter Pietersz de Voois was buried on April 27, 1742, in Rotterdam, leaving 2 children, one of them was still a minor. Neeltje Frederiks was buried on December 1, 1769, in Rotterdam. At that time their 2 remaining children were both adults.


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