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12 Aug 2016

F.J.N. Brouwer (1827-1900), Minister in Cillaarshoek & Soerabaja

Florus Jacob Nicolaas Brouwer was born on August 13, 1827, in Waardenburg, Gelderland, The Netherlands. He was a son of minister Jacobus Henricus Brouwer and Maria Antoinetta Berkman. In 1852 he became a minister. On August 26, 1853, in Maasbree, Limburg, The Netherlands, he married Victoria Carolina Rosalia Kraal. She was born on May 19, 1929, in Nieuport in Belgium. Her father, Willem Kraal, had been a captain. Her mother was Adelaida Innocentia Pelhoen. 

In 1853 Florus was appointed as minister in Cillaarshoek, Holland. There his wife gave birth to 2 sons: Willem Rudolf on July 17, 1854, and Arnoldus on March 21, 1856. Soon afterwards the couple travelled to Indonesia. In 1857 Florus was appointed as minister in Probolingo. There, his wife gave birth to a daughter named Adele, who died on December 5, 1887, in Nieuwer-Amstel, aged 27. The couple had an additional son which they named Cornelis (†1939).

In 1870 Floris Jacob Nicolaas Brouwer moved to Soerabaja, Indonesia, He finally returned to Europe in 1888. Floris died on March 2, 1900, aged 72, in Beek, Limburg, The Netherlands. 

Bron: Troostenburg de Bruijn, C.A.L.: Biographisch woordenboek van Oost-Indische predikanten , 1893,

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