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2 Mar 2017

Cornelis Nekeman died in 1717 in Denmark

Cornelis Cornelisz. Nekeman lived in Oost-Vlieland on an island to the North of Frisia in the Netherlands. He was born around 1660 to Cornelis Cornelisz. Nekeman senior and Aaltje Aalders. Around 1690 Cornelis the younger was married to a local girl named Neeltje, a daughter of Abel Kerstensz. and Annetje Cornelis. They had at least 4 children: Grietje, Cornelis, Abel and Claas.

Cornelis Nekeman was a sailor. He sailed from Amsterdam on June 29, 1704, with destination Dantzig (nowadays Gdansk in Poland). On December 16, 1705, he boarded the ship "Paarl" as sailing master. He is also mentioned as sailing master of the "Paarl" on April 15, 1706, and April 9, 1710. 

Cornelis Nekeman was a memmonite. The mennonites are a christian group belonging to a church community named after Menno Simons (1496–1561) of Frisia. Because of their commitment to pacifism, mennonite mariners had a preference for sailing the somewhat safe Baltic sea. 

On March 2, 1717, Cornelis Nekeman died due to "an unhealty body", while visiting Copenhagen in Denmark.

Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1728

Cornelis' son Abel grew up to be a sailor, too. In 1741 Abel Nekeman transported seeds from Riga in Letland to Amsterdam in The Netherlands. The next year he settled in Amsterdam. 

Sources: soundtoll registers,, zeebrieven.

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