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13 Jun 2017

Bastiaan van den Engel returned from Argentina

Steamship "Zaandam"
In January 1889 Bastiaan van den Engel (29), his wife Hermina Jacoba Peters (27) and their children Jan (6), Antonia (5), Hendrik (4), Klaas (3) and Adriana Alida (1) arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They had travelled with the steamship "Zaandam". It had been build in 1882 in Rotterdam with deadweight of 3.063 gross tons and a service speed of 11 knots. It could carry 50 first class passengers, 424 third class passengers and 51 crew members.

The “Long Depression”, a worldwide economic recession, had had devastating effects on the Argentine economy, resulting in a revolution around the time the Van Engel family arrived in Argentina. 
Bastiaan van den Engel en Hermina Peters (“Vrouw van den Engel”) were among the 30 persons who collaborated in sending a letter to a newspaper, outlining the problems the Dutch immigrants faced in Argentina. Most of the emigrants couldn’t get a proper job, and thus weren’t able to feed their families. People with debts were even whipped into forced labor. From august 1891 onwards Dutch Newspapers reported about those problems. 

In Rosario in Argentina a new daughter named Antonia was born on 28 August 1890 or 1891 (sources differ), so their elder daughter Antonia must have died after their arrival in Argentina. Early 1892 the whole family was back in Holland, when a daughter Adriana was born on 25 February 1892 in Delft, Holland. More children were to follow.

Bastiaan van den Engel lived in Delft with his wife and children.
Bastiaan van den Engel was born on 27-5-1859 in Hoogvliet, Holland. His parents were Jan van den Engel (1837-1907) and Antonia Maastricht. Bastiaan was married at age 22 on 1-2-1882 in Delft, Holland. His bride was Hermina (Hermina Jacoba) Peters, aged 20, born on 29-3-1861 in Nijmegen, Gelderland. She was an illegitimate daughter of Alijda Mechelina Peters. Hermina Peters died on 16-9-1933 in Delft, aged 72. Bastiaan van den Engel died on 14-11-1939 in Rijswijk at the age of 80.

Children of Bastiaan & Hermina:
  1. Jan van den Engel was born on 27-6-1882 in Delft. Jan van den Engel was aged 25 when he was married in Olst on 5-10-1907 to Hermina Rietberg (1882-1957), daughter of Gerhard Rietberg and Geertrui Jansen. Jan died on 10-8-1958 in Delft, aged 76. 
  2. Antonia van den Engel was born on 1-10-1883 in Delft. Antonia died around 1889 in Argentina.
  3. Hendrik van den Engel was born on 11-11-1884 in Delft. Hendrik was married on 17-7-1907 in Delft to Catharina Dersjant, aged 19. Hendrik died on 24-5-1956 in Delft, aged 71.
  4. Klaas van den Engel was born on 27-1-1886 in Delft, and died there on 17-6-1886, aged 4 months.
  5. Adriana Alida van den Engel was born in Heenvliet, Holland. Her birth certificate was created on 22-3-1887. 
  6. Klaas van den Engel was born on 5-8-1888 in Vrijenban near Delft. Klaas died young, before 1894.
  7. Antonia van den Engel was born on 28-8-1890 in Rosario, Argentina. Antonia was married on 20-10-1911 in Delft to Hubertus van Ooijen. He was born on 12-3-1890 in 's-Hertogenbosch. On 22-5-1872 in Delft their son Johannes van Ooijen was born. Antonia died on 4-3-1939 in Noordwijk, aged 48.
  8. Adriana van den Engel was born on 25-2-1892 in Delft. She was married on 12-3-1913 in Delft to Johannes Gerardus Duindam. He was born on 26-8-1891 in Zegwaart., Holland  His parents were Gerrit Duindam and Leentje Kampers. 
  9. Klaas van den Engel was born on 13-4-1893 in Delft. Klaas was married on 20-12-1916 in Delft to Helena Margaretha Maas who originated from Leiden, Holland. She died on 23-3-1980 in Delft and was buried on 27-3-1890 in Rijswijk. Klaas died 6-2-1962 in Delft, aged 68. 
  10. Alida Machelina van den Engel was born on 10-1-1895 in Delft. She was married on 26-11-1915 in Delft to Cornelis Gerardus Hagman. He was born on 30-3-1893 in Schiedam, Holland, as son of Jacobus Hagman and Aaltje Romberg. Alida died in Delft on 29-9-1962, aged 67.
  11. Bastiaan van den Engel was born on 12-9-1896 in Delft. Bastiaan was married on 8-5-1918 in Delft to Elisabeth Agatha Post, daughter of Hendrik Post and Elisabeth Agatha Sluiters. 
  12. Johannes van den Engel was born on 25-9-1897 in Delft. Johannes was 32 years old when he was married on 7-1-1930 in Stompwijk, Holland, to Johanna Alida Betist, aged 21 and born in Hilversum, Holland. Their marriage was dissolved in court iin Arnhem on 23-12-1937. Johannes was married on 11-6-1947 in Delft to Aagje Witvliet. She was born on 10-5-1900 in Middelharnis, Holland, and died on 6-6-1984 in Delft. Her parents were Abraham Witvliet and Pietertje van de Roovaart. Johannes died on 28-7-1966 in Delft, aged 68.
  13. Herman Jacobus van den Engel was born on 4-2-1900 in Delft. He was married on 25-8-1922 in Delft to Maria Geertruida van Zwieteren, daughter of Cornelis van Zwieteren and Barbara Jansen.
  14. Catharina van den Engel was born on 9-1-1903 in Delft. She was married on 1-2-1922 in Delft to Franciscus Weeber, son of Dominicus Johannes Weeber and Aagtje van Teulingen.

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