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30 Aug 2017

Wedding Wednesday - Willem Blom & Lijsbeth van der Vlist were married in 1776

Willem Blom originated from Lienen in the County of Tecklenburg in Germany. He was married in Kockengen, Utrecht, The Netherlands on September 1, 1776, to Elisabeth (Lijsbet) van der Vlist. She was born in Benschop, Utrecht. Both partners lived in Kockengen, and approximately a year after their marriage Elisabeth gave birth to a son named Hendrik. 

Elisabeth van der Vlist, widow of Willem Blom, and living in Kockengen, witnessed in Harmelen, Utrecht, the baptisms of Nicolaas (6-2-1791), Claas (13-5-1792), Claasje (7-12-1795), Willem (16-7-1797) and Leendert (3-7-1803). They were all children of Jan van der Flist (Vlist) and Claartje de Haan.

Elizabeth van der Vlist, widow of Willem Blom, died on November 2, 1813, in Kockengen, aged 75. Hendrik Blom, son of Willem Blom and Lijsbet van der Vlist, died on October 2, 1819, also in Kockengen, aged 42. 

Kockengen, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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