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17 Jan 2018

5th Blogiversary - Interesting Blog Posts

On January 17, 2013, I published my 1st post for this blog, so today is my 5th blogiversary !

In those years January 2014 and November 2017 ware the months with the most posts (4). 
The most common surnames among my known ancestors are Van Driel, Oerlemans, Spruijt, Brand and Bos. On this blog the most common surnames in my posts are Bos and De Jong, the surnames of my parents. My ancestors with the most children are Cornelis Bos (1813-1888) and Otto van Driel (1756-1832); both had 17 children with 2 wives. In the 17th century Arij Peijnsz. Hogerwaert and his wife Trijntje Willems had 16 children together
Ancestors Gerrit Korver and Neeltjen Bloet (±1640-1727) were married for over 66 years. When my ancestor Jan Pieterse Vasen died on 11-8-1702 in Ottoland, Holland, he was "around 100 years old and had been blind for 3 or 4 years".

To celebrate this 5-year milestone, I've compiled - in addition to the statistics above - a list featuring interesting genealogy posts from this and other blogs.

Tips & Tricks

Black Sheep



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