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25 Jun 2018

Same Name

The #52Ancestors topic for this week is "Same Name". That's a topic I can relate to! 

My father's surname, Bos (which translates in English as "Bush" or "Wood"), is the 14th most common surname in The Netherlands with 0.22%. Luckily, my father's family features a recurring first name that is quite unusual: "Cent". In addition, my Bos ancestors lived on an island known as "Hoeksche Waard". Through the centuries, they moved from Puttershoek via Numansdorp to Cillaarshoek, but those are all places on the same isle.

Adriaan de Jong
My mother's surname, De Jong (which translates in English as "The Young"), is the number 1 surname in The Netherlands with 0.53%. My "De Jong" ancestors lived in Capelle and Loon op Zand, two villages in a protestant area in a mainly catholic Dutch region known as Brabant. Another non-related "De Jong" family lived in the same area, but they were richer, and can thus be distinguished from my mother's poor ancestors. 
Most men among my mother's ancestors had the first name "Adriaan". The first Adriaen de Jong was likely born around 1555, his son, another Adriaan, was likely born around 1580, and his son was Peter de Jonge (1626-1700) who had a son Jan de Jongh (1663-1742). Jan had a younger son Adriaan ("Arie") de Jong (1710-1761) with an eldest son Adriaan de Jong (±1737-1795) with a son Adriaan de Jong (1776-1844) with a son Adriaan de Jong (1804-1857) who also had a son Adriaan de Jong (1850-1899), who is my great-grandfather.

Signature of Adriaan de Jong (1804-1857)
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