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13 Aug 2018

Madness Monday ~ Edmund Frowein (1813-90) was locked up

Edmund Frowein was baptized on December 19, 1813, in Zevenaar in The Netherlands. His father, trader Frederik Frowein, was born in Zevenaar around 1784. His mother, Anna Dorothea Frederica Ronstorff, was born in Düsseldorf in Germany. The notice of marriage for Edmund’s parents was registered on February 7, 1813, in Zevenaar. Subsequently the wedding ceremony took place in Düsseldorf.

Edmund’s younger brothers Wilhelm and Julius Frowein were baptized in Zevenaar on March 16, 1815, and June 30, 1816, respectively. Wilhelm and Julius were married in Nijkerk, The Netherlands, in 1843-44 to 2 sisters, Dina and Carolina Marcus, daughters of Jacob Marcus and Elisabeth Jacobs. Wilhelm and Julius both had children. Edmund, however, remained a bachelor.

Arnhemsche Courant, 11-1-1845
Edmund was described as “innocent” and locked up in a lunatic asylum in Deventer, The Netherlands. The Law Court in Arnhem established a guardianship for Edmund on January 6, 1845. His administrator was his father.

Arnhemsche Courant, 21-1-1871
Edmund's German mother, Anna Dorothea Frederika Ronstorff, died in Zevenaar on February 15, 1864, aged 74. Edmund's father, Frederik Frowein, died there on January 17, 1871, aged 87. Edmund's brother Julius Frowein died on August 11, 1877, in Nijkerk. Julius had a son Johann Wilhelm Frowein, who was married in 1875 in Antwerpen in Belgium to Maria Melitta Selma Ronstoff, daughter of trader Joannes Guillielmus Ronstoff.

Het Nieuws Van Den Dag, Kleine Courant, 25-2-1890
Edmund Frowein died on February 18, 1890 in Deventer around 9 o’clock in the evening, aged 76. His death was reported by the caretaker of the asylum. Edmund's surviving brother, trader Willem Frowein, died a widower on March 23, 1894, in Arnheim.

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