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13 Sep 2018

The 11-month-marriage of Niesje Kleinjan (1861-1887)

Niesje Kleinjan was born in Rhoon in Holland on October 21, 1861, as the second surviving daughter of Jan Kleinjan (1825-1903) and Maria van Leeuwen (1835-1870). Niesje was also the first daughter to marry. On February 23, 1886, Niesje became engaged to Bastiaan Klapwijk.

Rotterdamsch Niewsblad, 27-2-1886
Bastiaan Klapwijk was born postumously on March 25, 1860, in Charlois - now part of Rotterdam - in Holland. His father, Simon Klapwijk, had died on October 19, 1859, in Charlois, aged 49. His mother, Lijdia Vermaat (1837-1919), had been widowed at the age of 22. On August 29, 1860, Lijdia had married her second husband, Dirk Vermaat. She had additional children named Dirk Roodenburg Vermaat and Neeltje Elisabeth Vermaat.

In Charlois on March 10, 1886, Bastiaan Klapwijk and Niesje Kleinjan were married. After a marriage of nearly 11 months, Niesje gave birth to a dead girl on January 29, 1887, in Charlois. The next week, on February 5, 1887, Niesje died.

Rotterdamsch Niewsblad, 10-2-1887

Bastiaan Klapwijk married his second wife, Maartje Kluifhoofd (1868-1920), on May 13, 1891, in Charlois. They had two children named Dirk Klapwijk and Wilhelmina Klapwijk. A widower again, Bastiaan Klapwijk died on December 3, 1933, in Rotterdam, aged 73.

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