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27 Mar 2019

Geertrui Papenvelt (1803-54) of Emden, Germany

Dutch translation of Geertruid's baptismal record
Geertrui Papenvelt was born on 12 June 1803 and baptized on the 16th in Emden, Germany. Her parents are Gerrit Papenvelt and Maria Noteboom. Her brother Jozef was born on 25 May 1805 and baptized there on the 30th.
Gerrit Papevelt died on 29 June 1817 in Emden. His death was registered in Dordrecht, Holland, on 22 November 1819. As a widow Geertrui’s mother lived in ‘s-Gravendeel, Holland. Maria Noteboom died there as Gerrit's widow on 9 August 1852, aged 74. Her parents are Joost Noteboom (†1787) and Jannigje Korsse de Jong (†1795).

Earlier, on 20 July 1826 in Vlaardingen, Holland, a woman named Teuntje Verboom had died as widow of Gerrit van Papenvelt. They had been married on 6 November 1796 in Vlaardingen, and they had had a son Arij Papevelt (1797-1854). Teuntje Verboom (1763-1826) was widow of Maarten Bos(ch). Gerrit Papenvelt was widower of Trijntje Noorthoek. This first marriage had taken place on 6 May 1791 in Vlaardingen, and the surviving children of Gerrit's first marriage were Johannis (1791-), Teunis (1793-1843) and Peije (1794-1813).
Did Gerrit Papenvelt move to Emden, Germany, to be able to contract a bigamous marriage to Maria Noteboom, or did Gerrit and Maria just pretend to be married, while living in Germany?

Geertrui Papenvelt was married on 22 March 1826 in 's-Gravendeel to Adrianus de Kreek. Both their mothers were present at the wedding. Adrianus was born on 9 April 1790 in 's-Gravendeel as the eldest son of Hermanus de Kreek (±1767-1813) and Jaapje Broere (±1765-1846). Geertrui Papenvelt gave birth to 9 children. Her first child, named Jaapje after Adrianus' mother, was born 3 months before their marriage.
Adrianus de Kreek died on 4 September 1749 in 's-Gravendeel, when their youngest child was aged 4. Geertrui Papenvelt, aged 51, died on there 24 September 1854, just one day after the death of her youngest child, then aged 9.
These are the children of Geertrui Papenvelt:
  1. Jaapje, born on 23 December 1825 in ‘s-Gravendeel, and acknowledged by her parents at their marriage on 22 March 1826 in ‘s-Gravendeel. She was married on 24 May 1851 in ‘s-Gravendeel to Arie Bakker, son of Arie sr. and Anna de Ruiter. Jaapje died on 15 March 1905 in Dordrecht, aged 79. Arie Bakker was born on 13 September 1827 in ‘s-Gravendeel, and he died on 12 September 1916 in Dordrecht. They had issue. 
  2. Hermina, born on 5 January 1828 in ‘s-Gravendeel, and died there on 13 May 1832.
  3. Maria, born on 20 December 1830 in ‘s-Gravendeel, and died there on 15 September 1855, aged 24.
  4. Hermina, born on 30 January 1834 in Strijen. She was married on 6 March 1863 in ‘s-Gravendeel to Pieter Korporaal of Sliedrecht. 
  5. Hermanus, born on 10 September 1835 in Strijen. He was married on 24 September 1877 in Ridderkerk to Klaasje Hagendijk, born in IJsselmonde, aged 31, and daughter of Jacobus Hagendijk and Maria Niemansverdriet. Hermanus died on 20 September 1892 in Ridderkerk, aged 57. His widow died at 22 February 1920 in Ridderkerk. They had no issue.
  6. Gerrit, born on 16 March 1837 in Strijen. Gerrit was married on 30 December 1870 in ‘s-Gravendeel to Dirkje de Vos, widow of Jan Dekker. Dirkje was born on 26 June 1839 in ‘s-Gravendeel as daughter of Maarten de Vos and Annigje Mookhoek. Gerrit de Kreek died on 26 December 1882 in ‘s-Gravendeel, aged 45. Dirkje de Vos then married thirdly Japhet van der Heiden. She died on 16 May 1909 in ’s-Gravendeel. They had issue.
  7. Teunis, born on 18 September 1839 in ‘s-Gravendeel. He was married there on 4 April 1863 to Neeltje Kleinjan, born on 18 May 1842 in ‘s-Gravendeel as daughter of Aart Kleinjan and Huibje Bussem. Neeltje died there on 3 November 1924. Teunis died in ‘s-Gravendeel on 12 February 1919. They had issue.
  8. Josina, born on 9 October 1842 in ‘s-Gravendeel. Her guardians were her brother Gerrit de Kreek and her brother-in-law Pieter Korporaal. She was married on 18 April 1864 in ‘s-Gravendeel to Gerrit van Ham. Gerrit was born in ‘s-Gravendeel, and died there on 3 April 1885, aged 48. Josina was later married to Bastiaan Christiaan de Vos, widower of Grietje van der Linden, and a brother of Josina’s brother Gerrit’s widow. Bastiaan Christiaan de Vos was born on 4 April 1850 in ‘s-Gravendeel, and died there on 23 February 1915. Josine died there on 4 Febraury 1919, aged 76. Josina de Kreek had issue.
  9. Pieter, born on 10 August 1845 in ‘s-Gravendeel, and died there on 23 September 1854, aged 9.

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