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24 Apr 2019

Hendrik Kooijman was born in Versailles in 1816

For some unknown reason Dutchman Hendrik Kooijman was born on 27 August 1816 in Versailles in France. His parents are workman Johannes (“Jan”) Kooijman and Johanna Jansen. The couple had an earlier son, Henricus Anthonius Kooijman, baptized on 29 March 1808 in Utrecht with Roman Catholic rites. Jan, however, had been baptized on 12 January 1775 in Vianen in a Dutch-Reformed church as a younger son of an elder Jan Kooijman and his wife Hendrikje Vreeswijk (±1733-1821) who had been married in Utrecht on 6 November 1757. Hendrikje's parents are Lambertus (“Lammert”) Vreeswijk and Antonia (“Teuntie”) Vermeulen.

Hendrik Kooijman was born in Versailles on 27 August 1816.
Hendrik Kooijman had two siblings named Jan who both died young, as did a sister named Paulina. Additionally Hendrik had a sister Hendrika born on 23 September 1826 in Vianen. Hendrik and his brother Peter (1823-1884) seem to be the only two of these siblings who reached adulthood.
Hendrik's father, Jan Kooijman, died on 8 October 1854 in Vianen, aged 79. His widow, Johanna Jansen, died on 14 November 1858 in Vianen, aged 72.

Hendrik Kooijman was married in Vianen on 27 November 1841 to Cornelia Kortenhoeven (1817-1862). As a widower Hendrik married Johanna Jacoba Paalhaar (1830-1881) on 3 February 1865 in Vianen. Hendrik had children from both his marriages. Hendrik's younger brother Peter Kooijman married twice, too.

  1. Bartha Johanna was born on 19 December 1845 in Vianen.
  2. Jan Cornelis was born on 4 October 1848 in Vianen.
  3. Cornelis Jakobus was born on 6 December 1850 in Vianen. He died there on 17 July 1884.
  4. Hendrik Johannis was born on 18 December 1851 in Vianen.
  5. Jacobus Cornelis was born on 8 August 1856 in Vianen. He was married on 7 July 1881 in Lexmond to Geertruida Jozina de Jong, born on 27 March 1857 in Lexmond.
  6. Pieter Antonie was born on 17 October 1860 in Vianen. He was married on 23 May 1888 in Haarlemmerliede to 23-year-old Neeltje Kleer. Their children were born in Wassenaar.
  7. Hendrikus Antonie was born on 16-08-1865 in Vianen. He was married on 5 June 1891 in Buren to 24-year-old Johanna Beekman.
  8. Anthonie was born on 8 March 1867 in Vianen. He married 37-year-old Johanna Geertruida van Overbeek on 21 May 1908 in Utrecht. She was born on 26 December 1870 in Ravenswaaij as a daugher of Jacobus van Overbeek and Hendrika Petronella van Zuilichem.
  9. Marie Johan was born on 18 December 1869 in Vianen. He obtained dispensation to marry 49-year-old Johanna Geertruida van Overbeek, widow of his brother Anthonie. They were married on 31 December 1919 in Amsterdam.
  10. Willem was born on 3 July 1871 in Vianen. He was married on 2 April 1891 in Amsterdam to 19-year-old Catharina Brugge.

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