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11 Jan 2018

Madness Monday - Elisabeth Maria Comans was locked up in 1785

Markus Harting (1715-93), husband of Maria Godefrida Comans*, had his sister-in-law, the widowed Elisabeth Maria Bogaart-Comans, locked up for 6 years in the 2nd class of the lunatic asylum in Dordrecht, South Holland.
Markus Harting paid ƒ130 for her upkeep, an additional ƒ10 for bed linen, and agreed to pay additional bills. Elisabeth Maria was taken in on November 10, 1785. She was finally able to leave the asylum on November 4, 1791.

On September 17, 1732, in the St. Lambertus Church in Wouw, Brabant, The Netherlands, Govert Quintijn Comans was married to Willemina Pieternella Kien. Govert Quintijn was born in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and he was a soldier. Elisabeth Maria Comans was the couple's eldest child; she was born on March 29, 1733, in Bergen op Zoom. She was married to Johannes Bogaart on June 28, 1755, in Leiden, Holland.

* Markus Harting and his wife were parents of Amarentia Wilhelmina Harting (1756-1801). This "Ammetje" Harting was married on 18-7-1779 in The Hague to Jan Pieter (1751-1836), Count of Suchtelen, and a militair engineer:

Sources: "Register van geconfineerden in het Stads Krankzinnig en Beterhuis binnen Dordregt voor wie kostgeld wordt betaald 1761-1804 door E. van Dooremalen",,, De Navorscher, 1891.

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