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19 Jan 2014

The Van Dusens of New Amsterdam

In 2011 The New York Times featured an article on the Van Dusen family. It started with one of Manhattan’s first few hundred settlers, an operator of a windmill where the Dutch ground grain. Known in official documents as “Abraham the Miller” or “Abraham Pieterszen” - as in “son of Peter” - he landed on the island of “Manatus” some time before February 1627. Abraham’s forebears were from the the town of Deursen
in Northern Brabant in The Netherlands. 
The 1880 census counted 3,000 heads of household with the name Van Dusen — or Van Deusen, Van Deursen, Van Duzer and other common variants — all, the experts say, traceable back to Abraham the Miller.

Two of Abraham’s progeny — Martin Van Buren (1782–1862) and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882–1945) — served as presidents of the United States. A third, Eliza Kortright (Generation 7), married one, James Monroe (1758–1831). You can read much more about the Van Dusen family in this interesting The New York Times article.


  1. Interesting article, Joan. The name (Van Dusen) caught my attention, because it's the same as the name of a beautiful botanical garden in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  2. My nephew also has Van Deursen ancestors from his mother's side, but they're probably not related, since the name may have been taken by differrent individuals originating in the town of Deursen in Brabant in The netherlands. The town even had 2 castles.

  3. I am a Van Dusen, my father grew up in New York but moved before i was born, growing up i had a peculiar and different last name, i didnt have a lot of information or history of our last name or Van Dusen family history growing up. My fathers father left him when he was a boy. Now i find out i have a very large family history and tree. the more i search the more i find out that there are Van Dusen Mansions, botaniacal gardens, govenors, presidential lineage. After my father and grandmother died i wanted to know more about him and our Van Dusen Family.
    i just wish i could share this with him now.


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