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21 Jan 2014

Cornelis Hendrik Jan Bakker (1841-86) in South Africa

Cornelis Hendrik Jan Bakker was born on March 25, 1841 in Hooge en Lage Zwaluwe in Noord-Brabant in The Netherlands. His brother Hendrik Bakker was born on February 8, 1843. Their parents were Franciscus Pieter Bakker (1804-1860) and Johanna Bernardina van de Laar (1802-1846) who had been married on June 19, 1828 in Rotterdam. 

Hendrik moved to Rotterdam, married and fathered a large brood of children. Cornelis Hendrik Jan, however, was a soldier in South Africa. At Cape Hope, aged 40, he married Johanna Frederika Juliana Gericke, aged 31, with a special license on July 18, 1881. 

Het Nieuws van de Dag, August 18, 1881

After 5 years of marriage Cornelis Hendrik Jan Bakker died on September 11, 1886 in Kernhardt, aged 45. 

Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad, October 18, 1886


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