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2 Oct 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday - My Grandparent's 1917 Marriage Certificate

Recently I received a little "treasure chest" from my uncle Cees de Jong. Among many other papers pertaining my grandparents, it contained my grandparent's marriage certificate:

My grandparent's marriage certificate

Pieter de Jong
My grandfather, Pieter de Jong (1892-1973) married my grandmother Willempje Cornelia Zijderveld (1892-1976) on March 29, 1917 in Dordrecht, South Holland, The Netherlands. They had 10 children and a miscarriage from 10 pregnancies in the period 1917-1935.
The 1930s were a time of unemployment and poverty, so my grandparents moved around 1930 from Capelle, North-Brabant, to Mookhoek, South-Holland, in search of employment. There, my grandfather started working as a hind on a farm and acquired a certificate for properly milking cows. After the war my grandfather found employment in building construction.

My Little Treasure Chest

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