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16 Apr 2015

Dorothea Wilhelmina Stuart (†1741)

Before 1747, the St. Gertudis Church in Bergen op Zoom, Brabant, The Netherlands, contained a grave stone of Jacob Stuart, born in St. Andrew, Scotland, stating he was the youngest son of Archibald Stuart, who lived at the court of Mary Queen of Scots. It also stated that Jacob had Stuart died on ascension day "anno XVI c XXII", 68 years old. The church was destroyed in a war with the French. 

One of Jacob Stuart's Dutch descendants was Alexander Stuart, a colonel in the Scottish Brigade. He married Gertruijt van Herwaarden on July 19, 1681, in Driel, Gelre, The Netherlands. The couple lived near Rhenen. In 1689 Alexander was captain in the Regiment Balfour. He died, wounded, near Kaiserwerth, Germany, in April 1702. 

After Gertruijt's death her daughter, Dorothea Wilhelmina Stuart, took over the whole inheritance and paid off her brother, Alexander, a captain, on March 27, 1719, in Utrecht. 

On August 18, 1711, in Utrecht Dorothea Wilhelmina Stuart married Philips van Halmael, who then lived in Utrecht. At that time Dorothea Wilhelmine lived in De Grebbe near Rhenen. Philips was a canon in the St. Peter's church in Utrecht. 

Philips and Dorothea Wilhelmina had a son baptized in Utrecht on June 27, 1717, with the names Joan Alexander. The baby must have died soon after birth, because they had a 2nd son baptized in Utrecht on June 5, 1718, with the names Joan Alexander Philip. Witnesses were Joan van Halmael and Alexander Stuart. Philips van Halmael died on January 16, 1719, in Utrecht. 

As a widow, on September 1, 1727, Dorothea Wilhelmina borrowed ƒ2500,- from Johan van Halmael (1644-1725) to buy a house. She remarried on January 4, 1729, in Utrecht. Her 2nd husband's name was Wijnand Blenk. In the past Wijnand had done business with Johan van Halmael. Early 1725 Wijnand was described as a cousin of Johan van Halmael, because he was a son of Jan Blenk and Catharina van Hamael. Wijnand's first wife was Cornelia Borstius.
Notice of Marrriage for Dorothea Wilhelmina Stuart and Wijnand Blenk.

Wijnand and Dorothea Wilhelmina lived at De Kijsersgraft (Emperor's Canal) in Amsterdam, Wijnand's place of origin. Wijnand was buried in Amsterdam on December 10, 1736. Dorothea Wilhelmina Stuart was buried there on January 13, 1741.

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