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28 Apr 2015

Klaas IJsbrandsz Vermeulen Lived Long

The 52 Ancestors Week 16 Theme being “Live Long” I was curious what the age of my eldest ancestor would be. Thus, I had Aldfaer (my genealogy program) generate a list with old ancestors and looked for the eldest ancestor with dates that I'm sure are right. For several ancestor's the birth data was a proximity, so I couldn't use them. By elimination I did find an ancestor who really did reach the age of 90!

Klaas IJsbrandsz Vermeulen is the ancestor who reached the age of 90. He was baptized on May 11, 1741, in Lexmond, The Netherlands, so he must have been born at most a couple of weeks before that date. His parents were IJsbrant Janse Vermeulen and Cornelia van den Bergh, who were married in 1730 in Lexmond.

Klaas was married on January 6, 1765, in Lexmond to Maria de Bruijn. She was baptized on May 24, 1744, in Ameide. Her parents were Lambert de Bruijn and Johanna (de) Vos (who is another (de) Vos brick wall). Klaas and Maria had 7 children baptized in Lexmond in the period 1765-1777: IJsbrand, Johanna, Willemijntje (twice), Lambert, Lamberta and Huibertje. Their daughter Lamberta is my ancestor through her marriage to Willem Houweling (1773-1858). 
Klaas IJsbrandz Vermeulen died on December 17, 1831, in Lexmond, at the age of 90.

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