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11 Oct 2017

Cornelis Barentsz Slecht, widower of Tryntie Bos (†1674)

A Barent Cornelisz Slecht is mentioned in Woerden, The Netherlands, during the period 1649-1652. Cornelis Barents Slechts, likely his son, is mentioned on 22 Sept. 1645 as being a brick and roof-tile maker in Woerden, a city famous for its brick and roof-tile makers. By the end of 1651 Cornelis Barentsz Slecht was mentioned as a brandy distiller. Just 3 months later he is mentioned in Woerden as a trader of pigs. 
On 17 March 1653 Cornelis Barentsz Slecht is mentioned as being married. As registrations of later dates reveal, his wife was Tryntie Bos (†1674), a daughter of one of my female-line ancestors, Thijs Jansz Bosch of Bodegraven, Holland. They had at least 2 sons: Matthys & Hendrick, and a daughter Jakomyntie Slecht.

A view at Bodegraven around 1749
Cornelis Barent Slecht is mentioned in Kingston, Ulster County, New York, on 21 July 1674. There, on 27 Jan. 1684, Matthys Slegt & Maria Crepel baptised a daughter named Tryntie. This baptism was widnessed by Antoni Crepel & Tryntie Bos.
The first publication of the Banns of Cornelis' remarriage were on 26 Sept. 1684 by parson Johannes Weecksteen, of Kingston: CORNELIS BARENTZ SLEGT, widower of Tryntie Bos, of Woerden in Holland, and ELSIE JANS, widow of Hendric Jochemz, of Breestee, both resid. in Kingstouw[n]. 

HENDRICK CORNELISSEN SLECHT, wheel-wright, young man of Woerden in Hollant, and ELSJEN BARENS, young girl of Amsterdam, both residing in Wiltwyck, now Kingston. First publication of their marriage Banns was on 25 July; the third on 8 Aug. 1666 in Kingston. Hendrick Slecht & Elsje Slecht widnessed the baptism of Roelof, son of Jan Elthingh & Jakomyntie Slecht, on 27 Oct. 1678 in Kingston.

Sources: Baptismal and marriage registers of the old Dutch church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York, Hogenda Transcriptions of Marriage & Birth records


  1. Cornelis Barent Slecht is my ancestor..if you are interested i can send you a link to the american side of the family up to the present day....we slechts.aka..slack's are still very much alive here in the usa....the slechts/ slacks were a very important family in the revolutionary war and are related to one of the rowers who helped george washington cross the delaware in fb name is judy martin..send a friend request and i will send you the info

    1. Sorry for my late reaction. I noticed this Slecht family because the Dutch word "Slecht" had the meaning of "bad". Anyway, I link to an American branch is always interesting!

  2. Hi Judy and Joan, I'm descended from Cornelis Slecht & Tryntie Bos, as well. Judy, I would love a link to the American side. I've thought about going overseas to research more but will first visit the New Netherland Institute in Albany and the NY State Archives. My email is Couldn't find you on Facebook Judy, but my name is pretty easy to find. Would love to share any info. Thanks!

    1. Sorry for my late reaction. Sending an email when there's a commend to approve doesn't seem to work. Indeed, Facebook has a lot of Judy Martins.


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