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11 Oct 2017

Cornelis Barentsz Slecht, widower of Tryntie Bos (†1674)

A Barent Cornelisz Slecht is mentioned in Woerden, The Netherlands, during the period 1649-1652. Cornelis Barents Slechts, likely his son, is mentioned on 22 Sept. 1645 as being a brick and roof-tile maker in Woerden, a city famous for its brick and roof-tile makers. By the end of 1651 Cornelis Barentsz Slecht was mentioned as a brandy distiller. Just 3 months later he is mentioned in Woerden as a trader of pigs. 
On 17 March 1653 Cornelis Barentsz Slecht is mentioned as being married. As registrations of later dates reveal, his wife was Tryntie Bos (†1674), a daughter of one of my female-line ancestors, Thijs Jansz Bosch of Bodegraven, Holland. They had at least 2 sons: Matthys & Hendrick, and a daughter Jakomyntie Slecht.

A view at Bodegraven around 1749
Cornelis Barent Slecht is mentioned in Kingston, Ulster County, New York, on 21 July 1674. There, on 27 Jan. 1684, Matthys Slegt & Maria Crepel baptised a daughter named Tryntie. This baptism was widnessed by Antoni Crepel & Tryntie Bos.
The first publication of the Banns of Cornelis' remarriage were on 26 Sept. 1684 by parson Johannes Weecksteen, of Kingston: CORNELIS BARENTZ SLEGT, widower of Tryntie Bos, of Woerden in Holland, and ELSIE JANS, widow of Hendric Jochemz, of Breestee, both resid. in Kingstouw[n]. 

HENDRICK CORNELISSEN SLECHT, wheel-wright, young man of Woerden in Hollant, and ELSJEN BARENS, young girl of Amsterdam, both residing in Wiltwyck, now Kingston. First publication of their marriage Banns was on 25 July; the third on 8 Aug. 1666 in Kingston. Hendrick Slecht & Elsje Slecht widnessed the baptism of Roelof, son of Jan Elthingh & Jakomyntie Slecht, on 27 Oct. 1678 in Kingston.

Sources: Baptismal and marriage registers of the old Dutch church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York, Hogenda Transcriptions of Marriage & Birth records


  1. Cornelis Barent Slecht is my ancestor..if you are interested i can send you a link to the american side of the family up to the present day....we slechts.aka..slack's are still very much alive here in the usa....the slechts/ slacks were a very important family in the revolutionary war and are related to one of the rowers who helped george washington cross the delaware in fb name is judy martin..send a friend request and i will send you the info

    1. Sorry for my late reaction. I noticed this Slecht family because the Dutch word "Slecht" had the meaning of "bad". Anyway, I link to an American branch is always interesting!


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