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14 Oct 2017

Surname Saturday - Hofman - Brick Wall

My ancestor Jan Corstiaansz. Hofman originated in Wachtendonk, Germany. He has an occupational surname: the Germany word “Hofmann” can be translated as “courtier”. Jan was married on May 28, 1679, in Puttershoek, Holland. His bride was Mariken Jans Biesbroek. She was baptized on December 23, 1657, in Puttershoek as a younger daughter of Jan Pieters Biesbroek (1620-1704), who originated in Waregem, Belgium. Her mother was Jan's second wife Lijsbeth Leenders de Raedt. Witnesses at Jan's wedding were Jan Pieters (likely Marike's father) and Jan Heijndricks (possibly Marike's brother-in-law). 
Jan Corneliaanz. Hofman and Marike Jans Biesbroek were the parents of Corstiaan, Jan, Marijntje and Leendert.  
Wachtendonck and its surroundings in Germany


  1. Most of my brick walls occur nearly 200 years later than this, Joan. If I could go back to medieval times, on even one single line, I'd be ecstatic!

  2. If you find Dutch ancestors, send me a message, I'll try to help.


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